The Smiths Part One: The Son’s Virginity

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The Smiths Part One: The Son’s Virginity. Cathy, she is 52. Blonde hair, size 6 feet 14, breast C cup. Scott, he has short black hair 54 6 feet, average weight. They sit on the bed, wearing shorts and a shirt. She wore a long patterned spagetti strap dress. Long blonde hair on a ponytail. She sat with her husband on the bed she kissed his lips.

“Let’s do this,” he smiled.

“BRIAN” she shouted.

“Yes, mother.” He said from the bedroom at the end of the hall.

“Can you come here, honey.

“What happened?” He said walking to his parents’ room. They sit on the bed. He sat in a chair beside the bed.

“Now honey, you’re 18 now. Turning into a young man. You’re an adult now”

“Oh please, not birds and bees talking,” he said

“Listen to us, Brian,” said his father, smiling.

“Now I was in your room some time ago and found this.” She pulled the Penthouse magazine. Brian’s face turned red.

“I can explained it, Mum,” he said

“It’s okay,” she said. “I also found this.” He reached under the pillow pulling out two pairs of underwear. “One is mine, the other is your sister.”

“Sorry, mother,” he said, looking down

“Are you masturbating,” asked his father.

“You can tell us,” his mother said, patted his knees.

“Yes,” he said.

“Are you wearing the underwear,” his mother asked.

“Sometimes,” he said.

“You must like your mother and your 19 years sister “said his father.

“Its not like that.” He said.

“It’s okay, kid, if you do it.”

“Are you a virgin?” His father asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“You have never seen a naked woman in real life,” his mother asked.

“Only in pictures.” answer Brian.

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“It’s okay.” His mother said, “You know pictures like this…” She opened the page to the center of the fold. “They were edited to get rid of imperfection.” His father added.

“Oh, ok,” he said.

“Do you want to see a naked woman?” His father asked.

“Ummm…Yeah.” He said, “Who?”

“Your mother,” said his father.

“Mom !!!” He said “You’ve got to be kidding.”

“No,” she said, “you like and wear my underwear.”

“That doesn’t mean I want to see you naked.”

“Do you fantasize about me and your sister,” she asked.

“Sometimes,” Brian said.

“Sit here,” she said, patting the bed. He sat next to him. She looked through a magazine in a nude photo “Pretty girls.” She said,” The tits and pussies are good.”

“Do you want to see my tits,” she said. Brian looked down at the mothers’ nipples that were visible through the cloth. He looked at his father. His mother lifted Brian’s hand to her chest putting it on her tits over her dress. He hesitantly caressed them.

“Suck it,” Cathy said. Brian leaned on sucking his other nipples.

“Oh, yeah,” she moan, looking at her son and her husband sucking her nipples. They sit down.

“Let’s take off this dress,” Scott said. Cathy stood up when they took off his clothes, he stood in his black lace G String. Brian admired his butt cheeks. Cathy look in Brian’s eyes between her thighs and breasts. She lay down.

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“Want to see her cunt,” Scott said to his son.

“Don’t be a shy.” Cathy said smiling. “You will love mommy’s cunt.” She slightly opened her legs. Brian saw frilly material over her femininity. Her vaginal lips are visible through cloth. Scott rubbed his wife’s thin underwear.

“Your turn.” Scott said, “Play with her cunt.”

Brian rubed his fingers over her vagina to feel his moist pussy lips beneath. She moaned as he rubbed it. Scott leaned on her tits.

“It’s time, let’s get the vagina out”. Brian pulled down the underwear to her thigh and looked at his mother wet pussy. He stripped them from his feet and dropped them on the floor. She opened her legs wider with her hands rubbing her clit.

“You like mommy’s cunt?,” Cathy said. Scott opened his pussy lips open and tucked his finger.

Scott shows his son all the parts of his vagina. Clitoral hood, clitoris, labias, cunt hole. Brian also start fuck fingering the cunt. It’s great to play with his mother’s cunt with his father’s permission.

She sat up putting her hand on lap.

“Want to fuck mommy?” she ask.

“What? Have sex?” Brian ask

“Yes, your father doesn’t mind his son screwing his wife. Its about sex education, right.”

“It’s okay,” Scott said.

“Let mommy see your cock.” She said smiling. “Get up, do not be shy.” She lowered his shorts and underwear, revealing her son’s cock hanging out. And start to stroking it. “Nice cock hun,” she said. She played with his cock. “I always knew you had a big cock,” she says. “Now, put it in me.”

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“Put it in,” she said. He slipped it deep into his mother’s cunt. He slipped in and watched his cock slide in and out. “Oh yes, baby,” his mother said. His father is watching. He felt deeply in his mother’s pussy. Her wet pussy juices on the shaft of his cock.

“Good isn’t it,” said his father.

“Yeah,” he said, admiring his mother’s pussy, her cock against her pussy’s lips. He also admired her beautiful breasts bouncing with each thrust.

“Lie down,” she told him. He stopped and lay down on his parents’ bed. Cathy rode him slipping in and out on his cock. Cathy stroking her tits as she slowly straddled him. His father sitting on the bed watching his wife and son fucking. Cathy moans as she orgasm. Brian felt himself build. He trembled, the feeling was running down his penis and into his mother. Filling her wet pussy with his cum. Cathy stopped and leaned in with a smile. She then leaned up her clit and spreading the lips of her cunt. His penis hard, creamy juice flowing on his cock. She sat on his thighs moving her legs, putting her feet under his arms leaning back on one arm. She rubbed her pussy watching her sons enjoy her pussy. His cock was lying on his stomach

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“Oh that was good,” she said. “I just took the virginity of my sons. It can be a father-mother son secret,” she added.

Kevin went down as Harry and Caleb showered. Washing each other and getting dressed.

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