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Taylors Family Fuck Fest – The Taylors are a typical American family. Sam Taylor is a brilliant biochemist employed by a multinational food processing company. And his beautiful wife Ellen was a dedicated house wife and attentive mother for nineteen years old Mary and Robby were eighteen years old. The Taylors live a happy life in their home on the outskirts of New Jersey. Sam idolizes his family and whatever he does is to make them happy.

Family Starts To Admire Each Other Bodies

The Taylors live a happy life in their home on the outskirts of New Jersey. Sam idolizes his family and whatever he does is to make them happy.

Then entered the “Incest Cupid”. Cupid Incest is a naughty little cherub whose arrows cause their target to have impure thought. After being hit by the Incest Cupid family members began to look very tempting to each other.

Mary walked through the kitchen wearing only her underwear and bra like she had a lot of time before. This morning, Sam’s eyes locked on a mound of pubic hair attached to fine silk minimal bikini. Sam noticed how his daughter’s hips flared after puberty. Suddenly he realized he had a hard on.

Ellen just came out of the bathroom and carelessly not closed the bathroom door tightly. Robby had just passed and happened to glance and see his naked mother. For a woman in her early forties Ellen Taylor still looks tight. The 36C breast is still tight after feeding two children and the stomach is only slightly chewing. Her groin is covered with curly pubic hair. Robby was immediately aroused.

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Sam was following Mary down the hall like a magnet.

“Dad?” Mary said she saw her father enter her room.

“I just thought you looked really beautiful this morning.” Sam answered. Mary spontaneously did something unexplainable, she removed her bra so that her father could see her naked breasts.

Robby was stunned seeing his mother toweling off. Ellen happened to look up and see her son watching through a partially open door. Instead of hiding her nakedness, she greeted her son instead.

“Want to do my back?” she asked Robby. Robby entered the bathroom and closed the door.

“Do you like it, Daddy?” Mary teased. Sam could not look away from her daughter’s beautiful tits. Her tits were like small cinnamon button on her pale white mounds. Sam watched her closely as her thumbs were hung under the elastic of her panties. Mary’s panties are no longer the sight of her father; Sam looked at her bouquet of dark, tangled curls.

Ellen could not believe what she was doing. She was naked in the bathroom and helped her son to take off his clothes. She lowered her boxer allowing her erection to slap her face. She dropped to her knees. Robby’s cock was so natural in his mouth. It had been years since she suck a cock. Robby was groaning with ecstasy as his mother’s tongue caressed his knob. He put his hands in Ellen’s wet blonde hair as he guided her over his body.

Mary lay on her bed with her legs spreading so her father could see the wet pink pussy. “I’m still a virgin daddy!” Mary gribe. Sam started to undo his pants. Sam was about to do the unthinkable, fucking his daughter.

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Sam wants to be gentle with his daughter so as not to make him traumatized. He carefully mount his daughter.

“Kiss me, Daddy.” He asked before he put it in. Sam kissed his daughter’s lips when the head of his knob touched the bush. Sam felt the juice of his daughter’s pussy smeared in his knob.

“Don’t hurt me, Daddy!” Mary begged. Sam could see the suffering on his daughter’s face when he opened her cunt. He tries to be as gentle as possible. God, she’s tight! Her young cunt gripped his cock like rubber gloves.
He kissed his daughter again when he finished his trip into her nest.

Ellen put her son’s cock in her mouth like a starving dog. Her tongue slides up and down his shaft. Robby could not stand it anymore, bursts of cum spurted into the mouth of his hungry mother. Ellen swallowed his cum happily. Robby cum melt down his mother’s throat leaving a trail of sharp taste.

“Fuck me Robby!” Ellen begged. Robby backed his mother to the bathroom wall and buried his cock between her legs. Ellen gasped when her son thrusting his hard cock into her cunt. Her son’s deep fucking made Ellen’s knees tremble.

“God, Robby!” Ellen cried as they kissed. Ellen’s heart pounding as her son began to slam her against the wall. With her arms around her son’s neck, Ellen cum. Her juice burst over Robby’s cock. She felt Robby send another spurt of cum into her pussy.

Family Fucking Each Other

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“Oh daddy!” Mary cried when her father started screwing her for the first time. Mary was Sam’s first virgin, Ellen giving herself to her first boyfriend in high school. The conquest of her daughter’s virginity was an achievement Sam had never dreamed of . Yet here he was pumping his cock in Mary’s intact cunt. Her father’s cock is so big that it hurts her inexperienced cunt.

“Will you cum in me, Daddy?” Mary asked.

The thought of planting seeds in his young daughter’s womb burned Sam’s climax. Helplessly he felt his cock explode into Mary with his warm sperm.

“God, what have I done?” he thought when his ball exploded into his daughter cunt.

“Daddy!” Mary cried, feeling her father violated her. Mary rushed to the bathroom. The door is locked; his brother is still there.

“Robby, open the door I have to pee!” she begged.

Robby unlocked the door and let his naked sister in. Unexpectedly brother and sister were naked together in the bathroom.

“Daddy just fucked me!” Mary confessed.

Seeing her naked sister and the thought that her father had just fucked her. Robby’s cock immediately erecting again; he wants to feel his cock inside his sister. Robby reached down and his hand covered Mary’s crotch. She was soaked with his father’s semen, she was slippery in her thigh with jism.

Robby’s cock slides into his sister’s cunt like a hot knife into butter. Mary stood up with an awkwardly bow legged when her brother filled her pussy with his meat. Robby grabbed his bare butt and pulled him to his cock like old boots.

“Are you going to cum in me too?” Mary ask.

Robby did not answer but continued to thrusting his cock deep into his sister’s sloppy cunt.

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Mary felt the sperm fountain of her brother gush in her shaking pussy. As she was thrown into her own orgasm.

“Oh my god!” Mary gasped as her toes tingled.

Mary’s scream make Ellen to rush to the bathroom.

“Mary, you bitch!” she shout, surprised jealous.

Robby and his sister froze as his cum dripped out of her. Mary went red caught red handed fucking her brother.

“Come in mom, I can fuck you both!” Robby replied.

Mary was in shock, what is he talking about, had he ever fucked mom?

Ellen had slipped on her robe since fucking with Robby.

“Dad fuck me.” Mary shout.

Ellen was shocked by her daughter’s revelation. Could it be that Sam fucked his daughter? This would give a whole new perspective to the situation.

Ellen begins to think of possibilities. If Sam fucked with Mary, he could oppose her and Robby fucking. Why could not they share their bed all night with their children? The thought of having a nice orgasm with her son before falling asleep was amazing. Sam could go down to his daughter; she should just ask Doctor Black to put her on the pill.

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