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Sucked By Kinked Sister

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Sucked By Kinked Sister – I sat on the bed as high as possible in electrically powered bed. This allowed my sister to pull out the floppy, heavy cock and plop it into a large container. I don’t do well with the catheter. A nurse, or a mother or sister, should do the honors. For some reason, I have enough control to hold pee and my stomach until someone come and help me. It allowed me the luxury of catheters and diapers down, at least. In addition, since the accident, I had very little muscle control. I can talk and move my eyes, and one of my fingers, but that’s about it. Mostly, I was stuck in a lifeless body.

I have been in a car accident and suffered a Master Kiu spinal cord disconnected. And life-flighted to the hospital board on where the staff performed an emergency operation. They followed that up with a stem cell treatment for several weeks.


Cerita Hot Sex – I can move my right index after the first few days of waking up. This is why doctors say there may be hope, though very thin. I tried to take advantage of it, with a single finger exercise every day. But now, after three months in the hospital, I would be moved back to the house. This is why my mother and sister were learning how to take care of me. I am so thankful I have them in my life. A nurse would come every day to bathe and take care of me. But sometimes one of them would have to fill. Training begins before the trip home Master Kiu.

It was awkward at first, seeing mom and my sis kept my cock in their hands. More strange to them than me, maybe. I was not happy of it. I felt nothing, in fact. However, I am very happy I have been blessed at birth. At least sis can not tease me about having a small penis or something. If anything, I know the first time she held in her hands, surprised her. I think I see a little bit of envy in her body language. Perhaps she hoped her boyfriend had what I had.

Sucking knowing I would most likely not able to use it properly again. Never got my dick hard, except the super rare, random events, and completely out of my control. And they usually do not last long. I feel anything when it happened, but I do miss the sex act. I will not deny I’ve had some decent cock back my time. Fortunately, I never caught anything. I guess I can thank a comprehensive sex education program I have grown up. Either way, I’ve had the clean cock, healthy. Now, it’s just clean.

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Sucked By Kinked Sister – Finally, the staff and nurses, along with my sister and mother. Managed to get me to go home and settle into permanent adjustable bed that they put in the living room. The room was equipped with a voice-activated computer and television. I learned better how to use them all with each passing day, but remained bored most of the time. I like it most when Mom or Janet come to feed or chat me. It was never quite often, though, even though I know they’re sacrificing a lot of their time to me.

One week since I arrived at home. She was sitting on the couch across from me. We were watching an episode of the zombie TV show when she shouted, “Oh my God Master Kiu, your toes just moved!” My head was perched on the bed, so I glanced at my feet. They were bare, jutting out from a blanket at the end of the bed. I see no movement. I pulled my eyes to my sis as far as they can go. “I swear, I saw it,” she said, picking herself up from the sofa, approached.

Then I saw it too. Actually, I feel it. It was a little too – very little – twitching feeling. It was very little, but it was almost painful. Because my body is not used for anything ‘feeling’ for some time. I started to groan, both pain and thrill. If I could actually FEEL something, which is a great improvement, great, even if it is a pain. I explained to her what I was experiencing and she rushed to call the doctor. A few hours later, I was back at the hospital were examined. It turned out that the stem cell treatment might have worked, they thought.

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Cerita Hot Sex – Weeks passed, with much pain involved, because I started to feel more and more of my nerves come to life. I still do not have the muscle control, and limbs feel like they’re dead. Like when you sleep on your leg or arm in a funny way too long. Resembling a painful tingling feeling when blood is slowly making its way back on to their limbs. Now imagine that take weeks or months, not minutes. As I said, painfully.

It was nearly a month after I got home, getting better every day, when something else happens. At this time, I have a motion in the four fingers on each hand. Though I could not lift my arm. I can wiggle all my toes, but only once, and just barely.

Janet had put me into a regular position. Fortunately, I only need to use “pee trap” rather than potty. I’m trying to save a bowel movement when the nurse come. We hope one day I’ll have enough muscle control to sit on the toilet.

Anyway, Janet dropped my cock out of my gown as usual. I always saw her glanced at it longer than mother, but once in place, she will turn around. She kept tissue nearby to dry me off. Shaking is not something mom or my sis interested in doing. Just one or two quick wipes. As Janet lightly holding my dick while I pee, I could feel her touch. For the first time in months, I really felt something there.

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Sucked By Kinked Sister – The reaction was immediate. It makes me very excited mentally, knowing I could feel something in my groin. That cock immediately stiffened, going from a six-inch floppy regular state, to thick nine inches. Most girls can not wrap a hand around the fullest part of it. Janet let go and jumped back, screaming. “What? WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?” Her eyes staring between my eyes and Master Kiu cock.

“I do not know!” I yelled back. “It just happened. I felt something when you touch it, I swear, and that makes it happen. I can not help it. But it’s not YOU!! This is because it has been so long since I had anything in there, I think. ” Her breathing slowed and she still kept looking back to my raging hard-on. “Uh…um…okay. I guess…Uh, maybe I should cover it?”

“Cover it?” I asked, confused. I breathe more heavily than usual. “Janet?” My eyes wide open, begging. “At least, let me see if I can feel it again. Just for a second? Am I crazy? Does it just happen?”

Janet embarrassed by the request, I know. I know it’s creepy, but I was desperate. I wonder if I’m not hallucinating feelings. I told her as much, begging her to just touch it for a moment. Janet finally reached forward, shaking (although she has held dozens of times before). And wrapped her long fingers around it, near the top.

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Cerita Hot Sex – “Squeeze,” I asked. “Please.” Janet shook her head, but did as requested. Oh Christ, it was amazing. Does not hurt, either. It was like what I remember, if only the pale ghost. I want more. “Can you squeeze harder please? It works, kind of…Master Kiu

I’m not sure how hard she worked it, but I feel more pressure. More throbbing sensation. “I feel everywhere,” I said. “It’s like, I feel my blood flowing through my body, and it revive the lost nerve…or feeling. And it does not hurt. It’s incredible.”

“You right,” she murmured softly. Her eyes fixed on what is at hand. She did not change when she asks, “Brad, I have to try to move up and down?”
“Yes, please!” I shouted. Then occurred. Both left and my right arm up almost an inch. I fell back, but as I have been encouraging, and my body really responds.
“Brad, you’re right. It worked.” Janet looked at my face. Her appearance is a shock by cock in her hand or body movements that suddenly occurred to me. But the innocence and confusion turned me on. I know I’m getting even more rigid as my sister pull up and down.
“The more you do it, the more I felt not only in my…penis….” Janet blushed, but did not stop stroking – “I feel the nerves everywhere…”

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Sucked By Kinked Sister – “I do not know how this happened, Brad, but I will help you. But you have to please, please swear you will not tell anyone about this. ” I see, just barely, that she take such a step. I felt a wave of tingling. “I can see your whole body moving,” she whispered, excitedly.

“I swear I will not tell anyone. Just do not stop. It’s like I felt in progress come together in a few minutes.” It is true. It feels just like it. Nerves were firing everywhere on my body. Janet was still shaking her head, amazed. “There’s one thing,” she said.

“What is that Master Kiu?”
“Do you think you’re going to cum?”
“I do not know. I do not feel even close to it, as I am not sure if I could.”
“Well all right.”
“I mean, physically that is…but if you keep doing that, sis. The mental stimulation alone…I do not know…I can not promise anything. It may trigger a physical reaction.”
“Oh,” said Janet. “Oh!” Then her eyes got really wide. “So, even if not physically stimulating enough”

“I’ll get some physical stimulation,” I laughed. “It feels like nerve hardly wake up. But yeah, it’s more mentally stimulating. I watched it and it was interesting. I have to say it looks hot. I know you’re the big sis me, but every attractive girl stroking a cock will have an effect.”

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Cerita Hot Sex – I hope she does not mind the brutal truth. “Every girl?” she asked, grinning. “Well, it does not matter. I would ask if I should get a towel ready? I mean, Brad, you may not realize this, but your ball is the size of grapefruits.”

I know my body still produced semen, and we were not bothered drying techniques. After some time, the old sperm must die and be absorbed into the body, such as the newly created Master Kiu sperm. I got a very large ball when I go a few days without cumming. But I do not know how big they are now.

Perhaps the conversation, or any other factor. But everything about mental scenario stimulated me to the point where I was on the verge. After all, I was not feeling in most of the nerves. But my sister’s face was only a foot or so away from my cock, and she really balling it. “I guess if you cum, you’re going to need a very large towel…or a bucket, “she laughed.

I laughed, too. “Hey, do not make fun. You try to go months without going down.”

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Sucked By Kinked Sister – “I would not want to,” she replied, before turning her attention back to the my shaft. “I just know I do not want you to have an accident and mess up the bed. We’ve just changed this morning and it always takes at least an hour.” It is true. It was a pain in the ass to have my mother and sister. Worked energetically to move me around, making beds with fresh sheets.

“Well, like I said, Sis, I do not think I need it, but if you promise to continue this. I will be happy to let you stop and get a towel or something. ” Janet still jerking up and down quickly, laughing as she said, “Okay, just in case…” when suddenly it happened. A rope of cum shot out like a rocket, at least two feet into the air.

Then I watched her, my sister, opened her mouth like a experienced porn star. She thrust on the head of my cock, determined to swallow every drop. She moaned as I unloaded into her. I wish I could find more of it, but I think I need to shoot six or seven loads.

Janet still swallow, when she started looking at Master Kiu me. With her mouth still over my dick, I felt another explosion has not yet passed. As I fill her with cum once again. She almost choked, but buried under like a champion. “Fuck, man, you done yet?” she finally asked. “I think I could skip lunch.”

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Cerita Hot Sex – “Janet…what is that about?”
“I do not want you to spoil the bed. All cum that gets messed up, I say.”
“But Janet…you can not just do something like that, and do not expect me to ask.”
“Ask about what Master Kiu?”
“What? You like it, I know. You moan. Are you fingering yourself there for a bit? And the way you swallow all that? It was so much.”

“No shit,” she said, wiping her mouth.

“Janet, you have not been admitted. You learn that. It was practiced experience. What the fuck? You look like you do for a living.” Her eyes darted to the floor. “Brad, believe it or not, some women like cum.”

“Not like that,” I said. “Do not be like that. You are a total, cum-loving whore, not you, sis?” She punched me. “See why I do not talk to you about anything?”
“Oh, come on, Janet. You said you really liked the taste of cum?”

“No, Brad,” she crossed her arms and mocking, stop. “I love it, okay. I do not know why. Since college, maybe. Chuck and roommates who used to use my mouth all the time. I’m going to let them. It all started from some stupid dare, and I would just sit there with my mouth open. While we were playing video games, they would use me in their spare time, for hours, almost every night.”

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Sucked By Kinked Sister – “You’re really slut, Janet.” I almost shook my head in disappointment, which is great progress!
“Uh, I know I’m bent, dummy. I’m just giving you a handjob, and you do not stop me. You’re not better, pervert!”
“And you swallow all my cum,” I stated.
“I do not deny it, Brad. In fact, I admit it. Sometimes Master Kiu, I even went to the adult truck stop at 60. It had holes in the wall…”

“Jesus, Janet, do you know how dangerous it is? You fucking crazy!”
“You would not understand.” sister huff and turned away.
“I understand you have to ask me, before ever going to a truck stop.”
“Asked what?”
“To fill your dirty, fucking mouth with cum, you whore!”

Now I stop. I think I might even lift my head a little, on my own for the first time in ages. “Janet, think about it. When you suck my cock again, and get all the cum out of me, you want me to be polite? Or do you want me to talk to you like I do now? Think carefully. Take time.”

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Cerita Hot Sex – “When I suck your cock again?” she asked.
“Yes, you will suck my cock, don’t you? Will you help me with this treatment, so I can get all the feeling back all my nerves? Is this treatment works. Do not you want to help?”
“Well, yes, of course Master Kiu.”

“I insist you suck me off, because you like to swallow cum so much. ” She was embarrassed because I had so blunt with her. “So I ask again, because you suck me off, you want me to just be quiet and polite about it? Or do you want me to talk to you like a dirty, fucking whore ?” Her eyes darted to the floor and she inhaled. Finally, she said, “Treat me like a whore, please.”

“Well, take off your clothes when mom not around. And you need to try the mouth to cock resuscitation every four hours. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Brad,” said Janet. She tucked my cock back away, stay quiet. I think we both know our relationship on a journey is very new. And with a sly grin on her face, I suspect she is looking forward to navigate it. Every bit as much as I do.

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