Sex With Adopted Parents

Sex With Adopted Parents

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Sex With Adopted Parents – Dex stepped out of the bathroom and quickly dried up. He knows his adopted mother Jess will leave at least another hour. That will give him plenty of time to relax and jerk several times.

His cock was hard, he was in the bathroom thinking of his best friend Jeff. He has instant erection. He was very attacted to Jeff and every time he thought of his friend, he got an erection. Here he is 19 years old and can’t even make his girlfriend give him a hand job. He really liked Deb, very much, but lately he found himself also attracted to guy.

He would watch porn on his laptop when his adoptive parents Rick and Jess. Were going down the stairs or in bed sleeping. He would be very aroused by watching gay porn, watching two people suck each other or jerk each other.

He felt comfortable in his bed, pulled some good porn from one of his favorite sites. And slowly jerk his cock, he liked listening through his headphones, which made it sound much hotter. “Mmm, yeah sucking his cock,” he told the college man on the screen sucking his roommate.

He watched as the man who was took the big cock to his throat almost choking. “I would love to try and suck a cock someday,” Dex said loudly, he had leaked precum. He took it with his fingers and carried it to his mouth, “mmm, very good.”


Dex continued to jerk his cock. Reaching to the bedside table he took a bottle of lubricant and poured it into his throbbing cock. One day he had to sneak back to his parents’ room and replace the lube bottle he borrowed.

He didn’t mean to peek in his parents’ room, but one day they left and his curiosity overtook him. There was a lot of time when he could hear hot sex coming from their room. There are times when his father is at work. He can hear his mother playing with her toys or she will have friends come over. His mother became loud, she likes to let people know she had fun.

He knew that his adoptive mother liked sex. It was nothing for her to approach his father, and whispered something to him. So they would go to their room and for a moment later he could hear their moans of pleasure.

There were several times when he even hid in their closet and saw his mother playing with her toy. He knew they always kept a lot of lubricants and he only borrowed a bottle. He was sure they would not miss it. “Yes, suck his cock, take it deep.” Dex said. Smearing the grease all over his genitals, gripping his shaft a little tighter, he kept jerking himself. Rubbing lubricant throughout the head of his genitals.

Jess put the groceries on the table and went  looking for Dex, the house sounded too quiet to her. She knew he was at home, the car was on the driveway. He didn’t go down the stairs, maybe in his room, she thought would go up the stairs.


Sex With Adopted Parents – “Dex, Dex.” Jess said knocking on the door of his room, she could hear the moan. Thinking he might be sick she opened the door. “Dex…I…” she stood there and watched him lean on his bed, his throbbing cock in his hand. His eyes were closed so he didn’t see his mom.

She unbuttoned her silk blouse and grabbed and pinned her nipples through a lace bra. Damn he had a good cock she thought. He would not mind sucking it or feeling the big dick inside the tight pussy. She just stood there and watched him.

Jess knew she had to close the door and give him privacy. But she just watched her, licking her lips, she felt her pussy throbbing. “Mmmm, good cock.” she walks to the side of the bed, she sees him watching gay porn.

Dex opened his eyes and there was his adoptive mother. Jess, Jess stood beside her bed, watching the whole thing. “MOM! What are you doing?” he asked, slamming the laptop shut and grabbing a towel to cover himself.

“I heard you moaning, I thought you were sick.”
“I’m not sick,” he said shyly, “Please leave.” he said, not believing she really walked over his room. Next time he will make sure to lock the door. He grabs and puts his laptop on the floor.


“You have a good cock, Dex,” she said, grabbing a towel. Wanting to get a really see his penis, “nice and hard”. She grasped his cock in his hand jerking him through a bath towel.

“Mom, come on.” Dex begged, wondering what had happened to him. He tried to push her hand away but she held it tighter, jerking him up and down. “Mmm,” he whispered, he had to admit her hand felt good on his cock. But he knew he could not let her do this, he tried to push her hand again. She only gripped the shaft tighter.

“Let me help you,” she told him sitting next to him, finally pulling off a towel from him. “I’m good at this, just ask your father.”
“Mom, this isn’t right, you’re my mother for god sake.”
“Adopted mom.” She answered, grabbing the slippery cock she stroked his cock, slowly, seeing the expression on his face. “Now doesn’t this feel better than doing it yourself?”
“Well yes, but…” he watched as she expertly jerked him, grabbed the ball with her other hand gave them a gentle squeeze. “Fuck Mom.” he groaned watching her.

Dex noticed how she was dressed, with a white skirt and blouse, he could see a thin lace bra. Which was showing off her breasts, and her nipples were very erect. “My God,” he moaned as she bent and licked the precum from the tip of his cock. Leaving a series of precums on her lips.


Sex With Adopted Parents – “Ummm,” Jess leaned back and licked his cock from base to tip. Slowly, taking time, biting it up onto the hard rock shaft. “I like sucking dick,” she said, staring at him.
“Mom, what are you doing to me?” he asked, looking at her, he could see her breasts in the way she bent. “Ahh.” he groaned as she took his knob into her wet mouth.
“Mmmm,” loving the feeling of his Masterkiu son’s throbbing cock in his mouth. She let his cock come out of her mouth, teasing his head with the tip of her tongue. She heard his breath gasp. “Look, you like Mom sucking your dick, right?” she asked, staring at him. “Now isn’t this better than releasing or fighting with your girlfriend to give you a bj?”

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“Oh yeah, feels very good,” Dex admitted trying to push his cock back into her mouth. No wonder he could always hear his father begging her to suck his cock. She was expert. He had some other blow jobs in his life from a girl in high school. But she didn’t really know what she was doing.

Jess stood up and quickly took off her clothes. She wore a lace bra with crotch pants and fewer garters and stockings. She stood in front of his son, she reached around her and opened her bra. And released it from her shoulder.

“Do you like my breasts?” he asked Link Login 188 watching him lick his lips, he wanted his mouth in her breasts.
“Yes, yes, right,” he stammered, making love to his almost naked mother in front of him.
“You can touch,” Jess told him as she returned to the bed with him. She crawled up to the head of the bed, Dex looked at her and her cunt almost on his face. “touch me.”

Dex reached out and caressed her right tits, “Mmmm,” he take her nipples into his mouth. He doesn’t believe he sucked on his mother’s tits. He flicked his tongue on her nipple, giving her a soft bite. He heard her gasp, he watched her reach between her legs spread and rub her pussy. Pulling her wet fingers from the gap, she pushed her fingers into her mouth.

“Taste Mommy, taste my cunt.” she said looking at him, he sucked her juices from her fingers.
“Mom, mmm.” Dex can’t believe he was tasting his Mom’s juice, he wanted more. “Mom, may I?” he wasn’t sure how to ask her.
“You want to lick Mom’s cunt don’t you?”


Sex With Adopted Parents –  “Please?” he asked, wanting more juice from the gap. He watched as She straddled his face in position 69. “Damn,” he grasped her hips and pulled her wet pussy to his waiting mouth.
“Oh, yes!” she gasped to feel her son licking her pussy lips, pushing his tongue into her hole. “eat my cunt,” Jess said with a loud groan, stroking his hard cock, she brought it back to her mouth.

God, his dick feels so good. She could not help herself, she bumpin into his face. She can’t get enough of his cock into her mouth, she takes it as deep as he can. Dex is in heaven eating his mother’s twat, and the way she sucks his cock. It’s no wonder his father stays aroused all the time. The liquid flowed into his mouth, he flicked his tongue to clit, he heard it panting.

“Yes, yes, oh so good.” Jess says, she doesn’t want to cum this way. She wants to feel her son’s cock inside her cunt. She changed position, turned straddled his crotch, and took his throbbing cock in her hand. “Do you like my cunt?”
“Oh yeah, I like it.” Dex said watching her rub his cock’s head to the entrance of her cunt. “You won’t tell Daddy, right?”
“You know I tell him everything,” she said reassuring him it was going to be alright. “don’t worry he won’t be mad.”
“But Mom, I mean sucking me is one thing…”


“What? my pussy isn’t good enough for you?” she asked, taking his cock deep inside him. He felt his big cock open her cunt, stretching it out. “I might be your mother, but I have a tight pussy.” she said sank in his cock. “Ahhh, that’s a great big cock”. She looked at Masterkiu him and she put his hand on his chest and she began to ride it. “Fuck me,” she said, staring at him, “fuck me”. Dex pounded deeply into her slit, watching the look of lust on her face.

“So you like dude?”
“Well, uhhh, I think I’m bi.” he admitted, hoping she didn’t think he was weird or a pervert.
“You know,” she said, gasping “you know you’re not the only man in this family who likes dick.”
“What?!? You mean dad?” Dex asks in disbelief, “You mean, dad is gay?”
“No, he’s a bi. He likes to suck cock on occasion,” she said, pinching Dex’s nipples. He groaned loudly, sick but in a good way. “Oh yeah, fuck me son, fuck me.”
“Surprised your father and your mother like your cock?” she said, feeling her son pounding her deep.
“Well, yes, a little.” Greg said, he wondered if they could have other kinds of fun. Dex banged into her tight hole until he thought he would explode. “Ahhh, Mom I’m cummin.” he groaned at her.


Sex With Adopted Parents –  “That’s enough of that,” Jess tells him suddenly getting up off of her son’s throbbing cock. “I want you to feed me your cum.”
“But, but Mom?”
“I didn’t say I was done,” she said, “stand up.” She knelt before him, jerking his cock. “I like to suck cock.” Dex did what he was told, he stood by the bed, looking at her. He knew this was what she liked when he sucked his father’s genitals.

“Mmmm,” she stroked his hard dick, licking the shaft from the base to the tip. Tasting her vaginal juice mixed with his precum. “It feels so good.” she Link Login 188 bit his trunk, slowly teasing him, making him wild.
“Mom, oh ma’am, please suck me.” Dex begs her. “suck me,” he said, he rubbed his cock head in her mouth. Forcing his penis between her lips. “I need cum.”

Jess felt Dex was holding her head between his hands while he screwed her mouth. This was one thing that never failed to make it super hot and turned on. In and out she took his cock, she liked to feel his cock in her mouth.

“Damn, I can’t believe I fucked my mother.”
“We can play like this BUT you can never tell anyone, that’s the problem.” Jess tells him.


“Where everyone is,” Rick called walking through the lower floor. His sweet wife usually cooking dinner when he walked in the door at night.

“Ummmm, that’s great,” Jess said, staring at Dex, she licked his cock, caressing the heavy heavy ball in his hand. “Ahhh,” she moved lower and took one of the balls into her mouth to gently suck it. “It tastes very good,” she told her son while stroking his hard cock.

Walking up the stairs, Rick could hear his wife moaning. Smiling to himself that he knew she might play with her toys, most likely watching porn. “She’s not in our room,” Rick thought to himself. He could hear her as soon as he reached the top of the stairs.

“Mom fuck, yes, just like that.”
“Damn, she’s playing with Dex,” Rick said Masterkiu walking to the door to his son’s room. He stood there in the hallway and watched her expertly suck their son’s ball into her mouth one by one.

She let his ball from his mouth and she went up and took Dex’s cock back to her mouth. She is very aroused so she can not stand it, but she will cum later. Currently she wants to suck cum from Dex’s penis.

“That’s it baby, suck our son’s dick,” said Rick from the doorway. He had been standing there for a few minutes. Jess and Dex were so involved that they didn’t even hear him walking.

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Sex With Adopted Parents –  “Dad!” Dex said trying to pull his cock from his Mom’s mouth, “ummm, we…uh…” he was at a loss for words.
“Don’t stop because of me son, let her finish.”

Jess holds Dex hips and takes his cock deep in her mouth. She feels her vagina throbbing knowing that her husband is watching her.

“She is good right?”
“Yeah Dad she’s great.”
“Hold her head, fuck her mouth, make her take your cock.” Rick instructed his son, “she loves it that way.”
“But, I don’t want to hurt her.”
“Trust me, son, you won’t hurt him, she can take it.” Rick said
“Fuck my mouth,” she told him, staring at him, “give me your cum.”
“Mmmmm, then take my cock.” Greg told her to push her cock back to her mouth. He glanced and saw his father unbuttoning and unzipping Link Login 188 his jeans and taking his cock.
“Son, I like to see your mother suck cock, she even eats pussy.”

Dex didn’t answer, he just groaned when she flicked her tongue at the bottom of his. Rick walked and sat on the edge of the bed so he could get a good view. He stroked his cock, watching his wife expertly suck his son’s dick. “That’s it dear, make our son cum.”


“Ummm, it feels so good,” she said, letting Dex’s Masterkiu cock slip from her mouth. “Do you want to taste honey?”
“Not this time, honey, finish him, I want to see him cum.”
“Mom, I’m very close.”
“Have you ever suck a dick, son?”
“Uh, well, I never suck a guy but it makes me so excited.”
“There’s nothing wrong with sucking cock.” Rick said to him. “maybe Daddy will suck you next time and let Mom watch.”

Jess took Dex’s cock back into Link Login 188 her mouth, sucking him like it were her first time. In and out he fucked her mouth, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her throat. At one point she gagged and had to pull back a bit.

“Too much darling?” Rick asked her, spreading the precum over the head of his penis, he would let her have Dex’s cum. “She just likes to suck cock, she will never feel enough.”


“Oh yeah, fuck Mom, will cum soon,” Dex said, he hit his cock into her mouth. He looked over and his dad was jerking up his own cock, “Ahhh, I think I’m going to explode daddy.”

“Told you, your mother is an profesional cock sucker”. Rick said he watched his son make love to his wife’s mouth. “Father wants you next time.”
“Ooohhh, yeah, ahhh,” Dex moaned hard to feel his cock getting harder, he pounding into her mouth. His penis throbbed and it was increasingly difficult to imagine his father sucking his penis. He wants to suck his father’s cock too.
“Aaaggghh, now oh fuck, take it mom!” Dex shout feeling his cock explode into her mouth. A powerful explosion after an explosion of cum filled her mouth.

Jess swallowed Dex’s cum as fast as she Masterkiu could. She finally had to pull away from his cock and he sent a burst after spraying her face and tits. “Ummm,” she moaned while taking the last semen to her mouth. Leaning towards her husband, she kissed him, giving him a taste of their son’s semen.

Rick groaned tasting Dex’s cum on his wife’s lips. Dex panted and he sat on the edge of the bed. “My God,” Dex only saw his parents kissing, sharing semen between them. “It was really fun.”


“I told you she was good,” Rick said giving his wife a final kiss.
“Yes, but maybe next time I can see you two having fun.”
“Well, my God, Mother, I don’t know about sucking my dad’s penis?”
“Well, you ate your mother’s pussy  and fucked her,” Jess told him leaning and licking his genitals clean.
“Okay, you won, next time Dad and me,” Dex said, chuckling. “I think I really have cool parents.”
“Maybe next time we can fuck your mother at the same time.”
“I like that,” Dex said. Imagining get suck by his mother and get fucked from behind by his dad. “I have to take a shower again.”

Patti began to get up from the floor, Rick helped her up. “Okay you guys, plan the next meeting, I have a few things to do.”

“Yes, that’s right,” Rick said to Masterkiu her as he squeezed her butt, “I need to cum honey.”
“Oh, you know I’ll make you cum.” Jess said

Sighing, Dex thought about how lucky he was. After waking up, he went to the bathroom and closed the door.

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