Secret Relationship With My Son

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Secret Relationship With My Son – My name is Julie and I have written about my relationship with my son Chad. He is now 20 years old and I, well, are in my 40s. I am happy to marry my husband with whom I share 21 years of love and secretly… ‘marry’ with my son.

We have a loving but socially taboo relationship that will attract ridicule from most people. And of course from where we live. We discovered our relationship accidentally when Chad caught me using a new toy about two years ago.

As is often the case, when our darkest thoughts and desires are finally gone, the flood of honesty is released. The emotional explosion that occurs can be difficult to deal with and in my case. Leading to moments of doubt and guilt. However, I don’t regret now and feel knowing that I am confined in a secret. Where I can physically express myself to Chad and reveal myself to you by writing.

Taboo Relation With Son

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If you have watched pornography, you will appreciate the variety and level of human sexuality that exists in this world. Some of them are clearly wrong with any social measure and I will be disgusted to know what people enjoy.

However, I did enjoy various themes and incest is one of the topics. I will describe my observations and you can judge whether I see this in the same way as you.

Simple layers and directions of incest – family members want or don’t want to participate in sexual or intimate ways. Father and daughter, mother and son, siblings, parents and gay and lesbian, etc.

I of course enjoy mother and child because this is my personal experience. Chad and I have seen so many scenarios and of course enjoying the most realistic ones. We are looking for videos where the couple looks like us.

There are three types of mother/son we have noted:

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Soviet style. Perhaps the closest to real life but maybe staged because ‘she’ looks like a mother and ‘he’ is someone’s son. But are they genuine incest couples? She found him reading pornographic magazines. Punishing him, sitting next to him, teasing him, giving him oral sex. And then they underwent gymnastics from all positions which ended with external ejaculation.

Japanese style. A sexually neglected mother found a magazine / jizm soaked in tissue in her son’s bedroom. Passed some maternal anxiety mixed with years of unfulfilled insistence. Persuaded him in the bathtub, retired to bed, and began to moan through the dismissal of his incest.

Euro / American style. She aggressively pursued him after catching him watching porn / peeping in the bathroom / sniffing her underwear. She calls it devian, indifferently compares it to his father but admires his genital. Decides she wants some of it and lets him go for it.

Incest porn is clearly different from clearly performed incest porn. For starters, the camera is fixed, placed on a table or chair. There is no third or fourth person in the room to zoom in and some shots. Porn real incest just ‘feels’ different.

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Real incest is very different, at least in our lives. Chad and I don’t play scenarios – well, not often. There is no ‘arrest’ with each other and no ridicule. We have a desire that we feel comfortable in expressing and sharing and we have relaxed days. Mostly we make time because he is still studying at university and I work from home. We generally know each other’s schedules, but sometimes we just sneak together dangerously.

A few weeks ago, one night after dinner. I really needed to do something. Sneaking kisses and touches in distant rooms at home while my husband at home is pleasant and usually risk free. All I wanted was to feel Chad’s lips stick to my lips and press it. I like to feel his erection in her pants. I will stay up late ‘work’ and we might go further. As I said, this is interesting and a little risky.

That warm night I slipped out of bed and went to Charlie’s bed. Pretty close to my room so that if my husband wakes up. (And we have enough floorboards to creak to be heard clearly). I will have plenty of time to sit on the edge of the bed. Straighten my nightgown and tell him we are having ‘hearts to heart’. I can be almost 99% sure that will never happen.

That night I really needed Chad. I lay down when my husband slept soundly beside me. I threw and turned around with my mind on only one thing and even though masturbation can scratch itch. Beside my husband, I don’t want to mumble Chad’s name. Since I became an adulterous wife, my sexual desires have become stronger and harder to fulfill.

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That night I knew that only full penetration sex would ease my desires. I swing from the bed normally. I walked in the dark down the hall to the kitchen and poured a glass of water. That would be a bait defense if I needed one to explain why I woke up.

Chad had heard the creaking of the floor. When I walk up through the half-open door. I looked inside and, from the light of the bedside, saw him smile.

When I quietly returned a minute later, he stood up and prepared. Under the light of the kitchen flowing in the hall, I admire his manhood and when I approach him. He pulls me in the arms like a lover. He is taller than me and I have to stand on my feet. But oh, my feelings lifted by him make me drift.

We kiss as lovers, completely, soft and deep. At this point in our relationship, it’s amazing to just close my eyes and float to him. There were no reckless and urgent smacking lips, but rather weak and daydreaming elegance. Chad knew where to touch me, to make me very aroused, and to know that my erect nipples. I felt his hand lightly sweep my genitals.

I felt his free hand got up and cupped my breasts. And I felt the warmth of his touch in my heart. He knew that pinching me between his fingers and a little tugging made me moan. He must have smiled smugly when he felt I was a little faint when he did that.

Chad Fuck Me Hard Every Night In My Pussy

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While he tortured me with pleasure, I absorbed it. I can smell his hair, sleepiness. I can smell it, my lips, my perfume, my hair. He touched me in many ways so he was like a mirror for me to feel. I want to scratch him but it’s summer and scratches don’t look good. Winter is different.

I reached back and felt his muscular physique. He is not an athlete but he is carved with gymnastics and is so beautiful to look at. I kissed his nipples and wished I could do the same to myself. There are times when lesbian porn makes me jealous for just that reason. His nipples are hard and stiff when aroused and he also likes to be pinched “like this” I once whispered.

When I reached her erection: hot, swollen, proud and beautiful. I like the weight and the upward curve is formed. Soon it will be in me, in my wet and sick cunt. With gentle movements we retreated to his bed and he lay on the edge with his feet on the floor.

I straddled him and sank in one motion. Feeling his cock fill me and feel his body pressing me in my private area. I stick with him and feel the fullness that good sexual relations offers.

I rocked and slid up and down to make my genital swim with pleasure. I could feel Chad moving a little in and out when I did that. While I swung and landed, tightening around and pushing down.

He pulled me down and kissed me again, but now more urgently. “Julie, I love you, I always will”.

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Even though locked in passion, I was well aware of my husband’s two rooms in the hall. So my ears were pierced individually for the slightest sound.

In that position, my cunt made vulgar but funny sounds. Sucking and gurgling when trying to pull my son’s cock deeper into me. I tried rolling over so Chad could go up and fuck me. I like it when I can wrap my legs around his back. And feel his body tremble and cramp at his climax.

But that night, Chad just sat down and kept me mount him. We hugged and kept kissing eagerly while I continued to rocking against it. I was lifted closer to the climax and my breath was panting. Almost at the point where I could reach orgasm, Chad held my shoulder and pulled me down. I could feel when he cum into me without a condom. A sudden warmth and pricking when his cock tried to go home inside me.

It was enough that night to bring my climax at the same time. And I slammed myself to fight him in a desperate attempt to become one with him. He had grabbed the fine hair on the back of my head and pulled hard. So hard that I needed to cry. So hard that my head involuntarily looked up and I panted like a drowning woman. I got up and slammed against his still embedded cock.

Chad remained silent, he could, but I shouted softly. My head was still pulled back and even though I couldn’t see Chad in the light. I knew he would grimace in some obscene rapture. The semen came in waves, each felt nothing less than the previous one. And each of them got closer to getting out of me.

Chad Keep Squirt His Seed Into My Cunt

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He released me from the animal grip, my hair stung masochistically. I fell back to the sheets. However I had time to consider trying the second round. I looked at the watch and realized that I had been with my son for forty minutes. Incest porn is not like that.

I lifted myself from him and felt a wet tinge spill from me onto the sheets. “I’ll wash it tomorrow morning,” I whispered.

I lay there for a while, caressing his hairless chest and stiff cock. Covered by his cum and me, I really want to take it to my mouth. Thinking of my breath, rich in sex, floating on my wedding pillow is too dangerous to consider.

I reached to the bedside table and took a thirsty gulp of water. When I offered it to Chad he drank like a man lost from the desert.

I kissed him one more time and got up. Walked quietly out of his room carrying an almost empty glass and a head full of pleasure.

Adjusting my nightgown properly, when I slid into bed. I felt my son’s seeds lazily coming out of my still swollen vagina. I lay calmly on my back and felt the sticky liquid, mixed with my sweat, run obscenely to my anus. I opened my legs and touched myself lightly. The desire dry up from me and sleep overwhelmed me. I don’t know what I dreamed of that night but my life has become a dream come true.

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