Naughty Girl Punished

Naughty Girl Punished

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Naughty Girl Punished – Samantha was in big trouble. And she knew that. She only hoped that the headmistress did not get too graphic on the phone for her father. But walking into the living room, there he stood, tall and angry, glaring at her across the room. Grandpa sat on the sofa, not knowing what was happening. Only after her father hung up the phone, everything became clear.

“Samantha, is this true? Are you SUSPENDED for sucking Master Kiu cock in the gym equipment room ?!”
“What?!” Grandpa said, his hand angrily slapped his knee. “What is she doing, now?”
“That’s the principal,” answered his son. “A teacher caught them when she was sucking the dick at school! Well, what do you have to say for yourself?”

Samantha pouted and shrugged. She will go to college in just a few months, so who cares what she does now? She always escaped murder, and her parents never seemed to punish her about anything. Of course, that was before Grandpa moved.

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Cerita Hot Sex – “You answered your father. You little jerk!” Grandpa shouted.
“That’s just my boyfriend. Im not sucking the whole football team,” she replied indifferently.
“Well,” her father answered, still angry, “I’m VERY disappointed in you Masterkiu , young lady. VERY.”

But Grandpa was confused. “Is that so? She can act like a bad girl and all he can get is punishment? Geez, no wonder he’s a bad girl, when you let her do whatever she wants!”

“Well, what should I do, Dad? We punished her and she still sneaked out and does God know what…”
“I’ll show you how to punish a bad girl. I’m dicipline your sister, right?”
“I suppose so,” her father answered.

“Come here, bad girl!” Grandpa ordered, and pulled his arm hard. She stumbled toward him and before she knew it, she lay straight on his lap.
“What is this ?!” Samantha said angrily. “Are you going to hit me? Are you for REAL?”
“Well, what’s good at hiney is what you NEED, hussy,” Grandpa answered. Immediately pulling on her short skirt that revealed her tight white cotton pants. “Here now, son. You take off these underwear. She won’t need them anymore.”

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Naughty Girl Punished – “WHAT?!” Samantha answered. Struggling, but his arms were like iron and he held her tight. Obeying her father, Samantha’s father pulled down of her underwear until they fell off.

“She has a good hiney, that’s for sure,” Grandpa said, and stroked her delicate ass. Suddenly, SLAP Download Domino, he lowered his hand to one cheek and Samantha gave a small scream.

He rubbed the red dot that he had made. And the finger that was lost stroked the lips of her vagina peeking from between her legs. Samantha did not know whether the touch was made intentionally or not. “Let me go!” she shouted, thrashed, but he held it quickly.

“Stop fighting,” Grandpa ordered, and his hand dropped again, this time on another sweet cheek. “You deserve to be punished, kid.”

And that’s it. Beat, scrub, stroke for ten minutes. Now her butt is a bright crimson, and her cunt has betrayed her enough. All those gentle strokes made her juice start to flow, and Samantha knew she was getting wet. Of course, she didn’t say that to Grandpa.

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Cerita Hot Sex – He put it down, and with a flash of lightning. His pants were undone and he pulled out his old cock. Samantha was shocked, because it was actually twice the size of her boyfriend. But that still didn’t mean she wanted to suck it.

“Eh, Dad,” said Samantha’s father, as confused as his daughter. “What are you doing?”
“I will give her the same punishment I gave your sister. When she was caught red-handed sucking cock around the city. Now, this is the rule, girl. You get caught sucking cock, you suck at home. That’s your punishment Master Kiu.”

“It’s impossible, and nothing you can say will make me,” Samantha said defiantly. But her Grandpa would not be easily dismissed. He grabbed and pulled her hair hard. She screamed loudly, and while her mouth was still wide open in anger. He pulled her head down and right on the rock hard cock.

“Here it is,” Grandpa said and he guided her head up and down with his strong hands. “Now, you suck on that cock, little bad girl”. She couldn’t help but move her pout cherry lips up and down over the throbbing hard cock. And didn’t want to make him angry anymore, every time she approached the tip, her tongue performed a small dance. He knew he was fine when he started to moan, but finally he let it straight.

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Naughty Girl Punished – And he had a big smile on his face. “Damn, kid. Our Samantha really knows how to suck a cock! All right. Now it’s your turn.”

“What Masterkiu ?!” Samantha said, surprised. She thought the punishment was done.
“I don’t know, dad,” said his son.
But Grandpa insisted. “Wow, I’m not going to live forever! You need to teach our girl here who is the boss of this house!”

His courage built, unbuckled, and went down to the ankles of his pants away. His penis was hard and excited, the tip was wet because of anticipation. Moving toward Samantha, he said, “You get caught sucking cock, you suck cock at home. That’s the rule.”

“But, dad…” Samantha began, but could not finish it. For the next moment he reached for her head and brought her sweet wet mouth to his cock.

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Cerita Hot Sex – Her father is right. She really knows how to suck a cock. Certainly much better than her mother. Maybe because she was sitting this time, she could speed up, and go faster. Now also squeezing and stroking his cock with her hand. He pulled out, his genitals protested, because he wanted more.

“All right, now,” said Grandpa moving closer to Samantha. “Inspection time.”
“What’s that?” Samantha asked, confused. She believes he’s been punished enough.
“Now we’re checking on you and making sure you grow well. Or, have you been to a doctor recently to check all your parts?”
“No but Download Domino…”

“That’s what I thought,” Grandpa said. “Let’s start with your cute titties. Don’t be shy, girl. You undid your blouse there for Grandpa. Let me look around.” Samantha looked at her father, who still had a hard dick in his hand. “You do what your Grandpa told you now”

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Naughty Girl Punished – Biting her lips, she slowly unbuttoned her white uniform blouse. Grandpa pulled both sides back and under her arms, showing her sweet, round, and cheerful breasts. He smiled because she wasn’t wearing a bra, but knew she should. So, that’s why the booby always shakes when she walks. He brought his warm hand to her right titty, and stroked her round nipples with his old thumb. “Very good, girl. Your breasts will be perfect. Sit down, girl.”

That’s not too bad, Samantha thought as they sat there, one on either side, caressing squeezing, sucking, and licking. When suddenly, Grandpa slid to the floor and turned to look at her. “Now, let’s check your cunt.”

“No way!” Samantha protested, and squeezed her legs together as hard as she could, but Grandpa’s strong old hands easily separated them. “Grandpa just wants to look around. Don’t be shy now, girl! You are showing Grandpa your cunt.”

Her father was still massaging and gently pinching her nipples when Grandpa leaned near her pussy. Like he wanted to get a good look. “Hmmm…Let’s see Master Kiu what we get, here,” he said while stroking with his finger. It was already wet and runny, and he smiled to see it ready and aroused. “Is this here functioning properly, girl?” he asked while expertly rubbing her clit in a circle. Samantha gasped, and was filled with pleasure. But didn’t want to show it. Her mouth was only open, but he could read it perfectly.

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Cerita Hot Sex – “Good,” he said. And without delay, leaned over and kissed her with his lips. Her cunt was soft and smooth, and his tongue roamed from her clit to her cunt opening. She flinched Masterkiu again, and she could not help looking down helplessly as his tongue whirled throughout the hungry cunt.

“Mmmm,” he said, kissing and licking again. “It tastes like honey.”

Samantha’s breath had become heavy. Especially each time his tongue passed through her clit, and she struggled not to let go of a groan. No matter how good it felt. She did not want to give them satisfaction knowing the punishment felt sexy.

“Now, let’s examine your rabbit hole…” said Grandpa, inserting a finger into the deep pink fold of her cunt and pushing it as far as possible.

Samantha gasped again, this time locking her eyes with her Grandpa. A smile faded from his face, and he looked at her sharply, with eagle eyes. “This is not a virgin hole here. Your cunt have been fuck a lot. Quite a lot, in my opinion. Don’t deny, girl! Grandpa can know!”

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Naughty Girl Punished – “What is this?” ask her father. Pinching her nipples rather hard. “Only my boyfriend!” Samantha claimed as Grandpa fingering her pussy, in and out. But her father certainly did not believe her, then he roughly pinching her nipples again. She screamed small. “And another boy! My boyfriend before him! His name is Sal.”

“Lies,” Grandpa said, now putting two fingers inside and moving them deftly back and forth. This time, his father bit her nipples. “Alright!” Samantha confessed. “My first is our neighbour. But that’s it! I swear!”

Grandpa was satisfied she was telling the truth. But he put his third finger in, spreading her cunt opening wider. “You ever slept with your boyfriend at school, girl? You’re telling the truth to your Grandpa now! He’ll know if you lied to him!”

“Four times,” she admitted, her cunt getting wetter. Now, her father holds both hands, rubbing her beautiful nipples between his fingers. “Once in the janitor’s closet, and three in the Download Domino equipment room.”
“Well, girl,” Grandpa said, shaking his head and pulling his fingers. “you know the rules.” He straightened up and moved closer to her. “You fuck cock at school, you fuck cock at home.”

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Cerita Hot Sex – Before she could even think of protesting. He Master Kiu slipped his cock into the velvety crease of her young cunt. Groans and panting couldn’t help. Because she felt helpless penetrating deeper and deeper until his giant cock’s head rubbed deeply against her g-spot.

“Ooh yes, girl. Those are some tight cunt that you get there”. But Samantha could only watch in disbelief when his long cock disappeared inside her. Only to come out again, and be pushed back.

“I’m old,” Grandpa said after a few moments, finally pulling away and standing up. “Let’s see how your cunt feels from behind now, girl.”

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Naughty Girl Punished – Now, however, her face met with her dad’s cock. He didn’t take long to unite the two. And once again enjoyed her pale lips moving up and down on his large shaft. Grandpa, however, pulled her skirt again, revealing her pink ass from the slap she had. He spread her sweet cheeks, and his cock found a jar of honey which was her sweet pussy. Holding her thighs, he drilled his old cock into her like a pro. Pounding happily away, going faster and faster until he could feel cum begin to rise.

Pulling out, he sprayed all of her pink ass. And even went a step further by rubbing it with a twitching cock’s head. One last squirt, and he’s done, a happy man who has straightened a bad girl. Her father, however, was truly disappointed in her. And therefore would not back down. Like an explosion, his cum shot behind her mouth in several explosions, filled her mouth, and leaked out like saliva. Like a good girl, she swallowed, wiping the excess with the back of her hand.

“Now, my girl,” Grandpa said, pulling her upright and turning her over. “What have you learned?”
“To be a good girl Masterkiu , or I will be punished,” Samantha said.
“That’s right, girlie,” Grandpa said, patting her sweet ass cheek. “That’s right.”

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