Mom And Son Incest Story

Mom And Son Incest Story

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Mom And Son Incest Story – All of my life, I can remember I thought I was strange. I thought only I had ideas, needs and donsiderations like these. I suffered for it. They started when I was eleven and continued relentless until as a forty two year old woman. I’ve had my first taste of comfort. I’m still amazed that the one who has brought me some calm is my son.

The trigger of shock or blessing that opened my sexual life was the abuse my father. I can hear what he said before taking me over his knees. “Carrie, there Sakongkiu are consequences.” I cried and I came. I couldn’t catch my breath and I didn’t know what happened. What I felt between my legs and throughout my body frightened and thrilled me. I’m not sure if he stopped after that because he felt I was too old or something was different. That night I masturbated. I don’t remember what I thought about but I do remember how much I wanted to come.

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Cerita Hot Sex – I adored coming, I needed to come constantly and the things that set me off appeared not ‘ordinary’. As I developed more seasoned I loved kissing and contacting with young men. However they weren’t the things that sparks my creative mind. When I was at sleep my Sakongkiu dreams I was turned into a horse and my master brushing me. And harnessing me and riding me. And I come. I thinking snakes… attacking and wriggling in my elusive spot. And I come. I thinking about everything that I could masturbate to.

I woke up at twenty-four with a baby an empty job and an empty house after the divorce. What I was full of was determination to fulfill myself. I went back to school. With help from my mom, who was now my only biological relative besides my son Pete, I became secretary. My life in general was better because I could provide for the son I loved. More I could have believed, but my sex life was worse. I’d just about given up on men, more from my own reticence than from their flaws. I was too shy to tell and too afraid to do. On the few occasions I hinted, I heard things like “That’s sick” or “You’re kidding, right?” Right.

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Mom And Son Incest Story – By the time Pete was eightteen, I felt like a frustrated old maid but I went on for him. I worked out religiously and most people at the spa and yoga class couldn’t believe I was forty. I touch my self every night for a year with my son behind my eyes. I hoped he didn’t hear me through our bedroom’s adjoining wall because I’m loud if have a particularly powerful orgasm.

Thanksgiving changed our lives. I was behind in some work and had to have it in by Friday. Tuesday evening Pete had gone out and I used his computer for the first time. I clicked on a folder named Dictionary and it opened about a hundred JPEG Sakongkiu images. After the first I was hooked. It had a logo on the bottom from the site it had been downloaded from, Mother-Son Galleries. Half the pictures were of older women having sex with younger men. The others were either of women in restraints, or pregnant and lactating women.

For a moment I forgot who I was and thought, “Why would my son be interested in pregnant women?” For the same unfathomable reasons my fantasies ran from snakes to my son’s young cock. A cock I wished I had in me now as those ‘mothers’ in the pictures did. I closed my eyes and rubbed myself to orgasm, which didn’t take very long. I worked late into the night and was totally exhausted by the time I was finished. The next thing I remember was a tingling in my left nipple. And as I came out of sleep Pete was saying. “Mom get up and go to bed.”

Still wobbly I whispered “Hi sweetie”.

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Cerita Hot Sex – Pete caressed my hair and smiled. My head leaned and rested on his thigh. Almost in trance I turned my face and kissed his cock over his jeans. He was hard. He had to be hard before I kissed him. I looked up for his reaction and he leaned down. And gave me the first kiss I’d had as a woman in ten years. “Pete… Pete…” I repeated as I hurriedly unbuckled his pants. His long and wide up-turned cock sprang as I reached for it with my mouth. It was hot and sweet to taste.

“OH MOM, suck my cock… yes… I wanted you to do this… I wanted to fuck you for so long” My son was breathing hard and started to fuck my mouth. He became mindless and I felt him reaching for the back of my throat with his cock. I tried to extend his pleasure by pulling back and gently sucking on the engorged head but he couldn’t wait. He called me as he came…”Mom… MOTHER… MO… THER…” His cock quick spurts of cum surprised me and the amount surprised me even more. My mouth was filled and I’d never swallowed cum before but I didn’t want him to stop. So I let the thick jelly slide down my throat and continued coaxing and squeezing more out of his rod.

“Oh mom, thank you… thank you Sakongkiu …”
I stood and held him and kissed him. “No, no darling it gave me so much pleasure. I loved doing that. I thought it was only going to happen in my imagination”

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Mom And Son Incest Story – “Mom let me make you feel good.”
“Yes baby, we have lots of time to make lots of love tonight.”
“Only tonight Sakongkiu ?”
“No love; not only tonight, any night, every night. Come to mother’s bed; I have so much to say to you and do to you.”

I began undressing as soon as we got to the bedroom. And when I was down to my bra and panties. Pete said, mom can I take your bra off, I’ve always wanted to do that?”

“Of course darling there’s nothing you can’t ask me.”
He pressed my breasts over the satiny bra before removing it. My nipples are rather large and dark and they showed through. I gave him a playful look and said. “That’s not the first time you felt your mother’s tit tonight, is it?”

He looked a bit perplexed and said, “How did you…?”
“Lets just say I ‘felt’ it.”
As he squeeze me, I started to gently massage his stirring cock. I said, “Honey, tell me about the pictures in your computer.”

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Cerita Hot Sex – “Mom, did you Sakongkiu …?”
“Listen baby, it’s ok. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them; I just want to know what you need. When I was a girl, I wish I had someone I could talk about all the things I felt. Just tell me baby…I promise I’ll understand.”
“All right mom…I hope you don’t mad. Sometimes I think I’m terrible… they’re all about you. I’ve wanted to…”
“Honey, tell me all of it. Did you want to fuck your momma? Did you masturbate thinking about me?”

“Everytime mom…I jacked my cock and wished it were you doing it…I thought of you coming into my room every night when you thought I was asleep. You would suck me off into your mouth and leave…I fantasized about forcing you to fuck me. Forcing your legs open and then fucking you in more ways than you could imagine. Oh mom, I wanted to fuck you all the time…but there’s more. When I looked at the pictures I wanted to get you pregnant. I wanted you to have my baby…I wanted to see your tits full of milk for our baby. Just like you were my wife and my mother. That’s the terrible part.”

“Oh sweetheart I don’t think you’re terrible; I think you’re beautiful and I think that’s a beautiful thing to want. I would be so happy to give you what you want and what you need.”

I led my son to the bed and told him, “Come make love to me. Come put your seed in me, I want whatever you want.”

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Mom And Son Incest Story – After a few months of learning how to love each other, I became more open with Pete. And let him see more of who I am. He knows how to treat me. He’s my master then and I obey his every whim or suffer the ravages. He gives me a good fuck. Just finding out what each other’s thought were made it all so much better. He told me how he fantasized about licking my smooth pussy so I shaved it for him. I told him how it excited me when he said my name as he fuck¬† me. So between each lick of my pussy he would say “Carrie… my Carrie.”

He’s a quick learner and last night was a good example. I told him, “Pete, I was bad girl today”, he’s learned what I need and said. “I’m going to have to punish you; young lady.” He punished my ass with a hairbrush and only stopped after I whimpered and promised to be good. He then told me because I told the truth he would make me feel better. He soothed my ass with aloe gel and worked his fingers into the small hole. I love how he play with it. He kissed me there and licked the gel into my ass.

When we were both ready he put me on my back and said. “Open as wide as you can for daddy.” He knows how wide I can open, and it excites him. I’m limber enough from years of yoga to put my ankles behind my head. My pussy and my ass are totally accessible to him and last night he took my ass. He knows how I like it and he knows I can take it. My son has a nice thick Sakongkiu cock. But maybe from years of pleasuring it myself, it doesn’t hurt when he fucks me there. I like it as well as having him in my pussy. It felt good having him put the cool gel and then his hot cum into me.

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Cerita Hot Sex – Last week he called me from work and said “I won’t be home tonight. But make sure you lock the door because I heard there was a burglar abuses the women he robs.”

Later, when I heard the door opening I got wet. He came in hooded and grabbed me at knifepoint. He blindfolded me and tied me and made me do horrible, wonderful things to him with my mouth. I thought he would choke me with his big cock. I’d never it seen it so fiery red and jumping. He wasn’t satisfied no matter how many times I sucked him. He tortured my nipples, and chewed my Sakongkiu clit, and made me over and over again.

Pete’s been my lover and master and husband for almost a year. I haven’t gotten pregnant yet but for now we’re just let the fate taking care. And every night, he’s taking care of his mother.

Pete asked me what other people would think if they knew how we lived. I told him that there would always be those who can’t understand. And I would tell them what “fuck you” really means. “I wish you sex like I have: sex that fulfills you. Sex with someone who understands you, sex with someone who loves you.”

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