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Indian Hot Sex Story – I was in town on business. But had contacted Raj and Pihu ahead of time to make sure we could spend time together before I leave. They kindly invited me to spend my last night at their home and drove me to the airport next morning. The only catch is Raj’s cousin, Saanvi, already occupying their guest room. She had just moved to the area and had Masterkiu not found her own apartment. They insisted that they have accommodations that were as comfortable to me, so I accepted their offer.

It’s been a long time since I saw them, so when I arrived there was a hug around. It was only after we stepped further into the house that I saw Saanvi and was properly introduced. I am always interested in Indian women and Saanvi is a good example. Her long, thick black hair, big and beautiful brown eyes and breasts. Just say she needs his bright smile to keep me focus on her face.


Porn Sex Stories – We enjoyed dinner and cocktails before taking a break in the living room where we talked for hours. As the night passed, I became quite confident that the sparkle in Saanvi’s eyes was the result of mutual interest. I was also pretty sure that Raj and Pihu were totally unconscious. At one point, when the two of them came out of the room. I told Saanvi how beautiful she was and hoped I would not have to leave the city the next morning.

“We have to make the most of it tonight,” she replied, continuing, “as long as we are quiet.”

My heart almost burst from my chest and I thought Link Login 188 the top of my head would split the size. We made it through an hour or more, our secrets were safely hidden. Before we all decided to call it night. Everyone climbed up except me. So I went through the play preparing the bed while listening to things to calm down on top.

I waited for half an hour before quietly crawling up the carpeted stairs. Peering into the hall, I could see the main bedroom door closed without light seeping under it. Closer to the stairs, the guest room door opens only slightly and the light inside is clearly still on. I moved slowly, quietly crossing the hall and pushing the door open, peering before opening it.


Indian Hot Sex Story – Seeing Saanvi lying on the bed. I immediately switched from having butterflies on my stomach to having a steel rod in my pants. She wore a short and tight top and bikini panties, sitting against a pillow on the headrest. I closed and locked the door behind me, then crossed to the bed when she smiled at me. When I reach and touch her feet. My plan is to start from there and kiss her body until my lips meet hers. After I make out with her for a while, I thought I would go eat her cunt.

You know what they say about the best plan. I began to kiss her smooth brown legs, turning towards her inner thighs as she spread her legs. As soon as I reach the unification of her legs and start kissing around the outside of her underwear. The temptation of her cunt is too much to reject. I put away her underwear and began to lick the gap, tasting the abundant juice she hid. I heard Saanvi inhale and was afraid she would continue with a groan. But she managed to maintain control, leaving her breath short, panting.

I focused my tongue on her clitoris. Held her underwear to one side with one hand while the other dipped it first, then two fingers entered. She pushed her hips against my face, her back slightly curved. Looking up, I saw her eyes tightly closed but her mouth opened. Her nipples press on the tight top and I want to suck it.

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Porn Sex Stories – However, first of all. I plan to give her a strong orgasm and it seems like I made good progress in that. She was so wet. Not that I myself want to be done; on the contrary, I like to eat her pussy and feel I can do it all night. She was very delicious and very responsive to my stimulation. But I could hear her breathing getting faster and her hip pressure more urgent.

I kept moving my wide tongue over her clit, sometimes using the tip to snap it. And tucking my finger in and out, twisting a little. Saanvi grabbed my Masterkiu hair, held me in her cunt. And let me know that she was right on the edge of orgasm. Her hips swayed on my face, faster and faster, until finally she froze. Her buttocks climbed out of bed and I felt a slight shake before falling back to bed.

Saanvi twitched a few more times and as soon as she was silent, I continued my journey. I kissed his stomach, stopped when I touched the hem of her shirt. Then sucked her hard tits through her clothes. Moving up after leaving wet spots on both sides of her breast. I kissed her collarbone, then rose to each side of her neck to her ear. Finally, I raised my head and looked at his beautiful brown eyes before our lips met. Immediately separated to recognize each other’s tongues. Supported by my elbow when we done, my pelvis leaned on hers, my stiff cock pressed against her soft cunt.


Saanvi slip one of her hands down between us and, after massaging for a while on my bulge. Released my cock from the lounge pants I was wearing. After a few short jack, she led me into his hot cunt, pulling her panties aside once more. She was so hot and so wet that I had to hold back a groan when I slipped into her. I began to slowly slide in and out of her. While she lifted his hips to meet my every thrust.

Indian Hot Sex Story – We kept fucking as my cock came in and out of the slippery pussy. And I enjoyed every movement. She moved her hands up and down my back while I continued to support myself with my elbows. When we started sweating. It must have occurred to us both almost simultaneously that this could feel better if we were both naked. Just when I thought I wanted to feel the soft flesh sticking to my flesh. She stopped me and suggested that we take off our clothes. I pulled out of it and got on my knees, my shiny penis waved in front of me.

I took off my shirt, then stopped to examine her tits. While she threw her top to the side. The aureol is big and dark and the nipples are long and hard. My mouth watering when I stood up to take off my santas pants. Before I could grab them, Saanvi had thrown Link Login 188 away her underwear, fully showing a well-groomed, black-haired bush. She quickly knelt in front of me, helping me lower my pants. With my cock right in front of her, Saanvi took it in her hand, stroked it once or twice. Then opened her mouth and swallowed me.


My knees are shaking. The mouth feels so good when it slides up and down my hard cock. I swiped my finger into her thick, black hair while enjoying this oral. Her mouth was warm and wet and her lips gripped me just as they slid up and down my shaft. I can also feel her soft tongue move below with every crack in her lips. She stopped to lick my cock, climbed down and suck around my ball while pumping my cock in her fist.

Porn Sex Stories – His oral skills are amazing, but I still want to fuck her again. Luckily she felt the same because. After a while, she told me to lie in the the bed. She sucked my cock a little longer. When I lay on my back before straddling my hips and guiding my cock into her hot cunt. I like this position because I can not only see her beautiful face framed by her black hair. But her amazing breasts and my cock disappears and reappears under her black bush.

I held Saanvi’s hips as she bounced up and down on my cock. While also watching her breasts bounce up and down on her chest. I still hadn’t sucked on the nipple without the clothes. But I was happy when, after a while, she leaned forward, one hand on each side of my head. Her breasts swung directly into my face. So I slid my hands up from her hips, along her ribs and up to them. I gently massaged and caressed the soft flesh while my tongue traced the circle around the aureole. And my lips sucked on the hard nipples.

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I could hear her heavy breathing right above me. When Masterkiu I worked on her breasts and she slammed herself against my cock repeatedly. I raise my hips to push my penis further into her every time she goes down. The feeling of her cunt on my cock is just incredible. While I was still licking and sucking on her nipples. I moved my hand to Saanvi’s ass, pulling it down as I pushed it up. The rate of her breath continued to increase until she panted above me.

Indian Hot Sex Story – When I felt her cunt suddenly flooded with additional lubricants. I hoped she would cum because that would make it much harder for me to survive. Luckily for me. She slammed herself down and I felt a vibration inside her cunt when the orgasm shook her body.

Saanvi sighed deeply and then slowly began to ride me again. While bending to press her lips against my lips and put her tongue into my mouth. After a few minutes, I rolled Saanvi onto her back and continued to fuck her while we kissing. My Link Login 188 orgasm slowly approached while Saanvi was up and the change in position only slightly slowed the onset.


I enjoy the feeling of her cunt while we make love. Appreciating the arrival of my prolonged orgasm. I was really just a moment away from pumping her pussy full of cum. When Saanvi asked me if I wanted to fuck her tits.

She really had a large set of breasts and thoughts to extend my pleasure even more interesting. So I pulled out of her cunt and crawled up astride her ribs. She grabbed my ass as I held her breasts together around my slippery dick. I started thrusting, enjoying the nuances of warm and soft meat on my cock. She raised her head so that when my head appeared between her eyeballs, she could hold it with her tongue.

Porn Sex Stories – I lightly moved my thumb to her hard nipples while screwing her breasts. Watching as her tongue shot out. I started pushing further with every urge. So immediately she could take the head of my cock into her mouth.

The warm and moist feeling in her mouth was too alluring. And I immediately left her breasts and go fuck her mouth. I pushed my cock in and out of her hot mouth. The feeling of his slippery lips and soft tongue quickly making my orgasm very close. When she started stroking my ball while sucking my cock, I was done. A few strokes and I shot my load into her mouth.


She milked me dry, sucking every drop of cum from Masterkiu my cock. I went down to the bed next to her and pulled her naked body into my body. It wasn’t long before we both fell asleep. Luckily for me, Saanvi was pretty sharp. Before I came to her room. She set an alarm for one hour before she knew the Raj or Pihu would wake up. Reluctantly I dressed and left her room. Not without a well-placed kiss and additional admiration for her body, and returned to the downstairs.

Indian Hot Sex Story – I slept a little longer before getting up and preparing for my flight. I saw Saanvi once more before the Raj and I headed for the airport. I hugged her, whispering lustfully in her ears while trying to look completely innocent, then we left Link Login 188.

On the way to the airport, the Raj said, “You owe me, friend.”. I agree that he and Pihu are more friendly than necessary. And hope that I will be able to return the favor one day. “That’s not what I’m talking about,” he replied. “I mean Saanvi.” I played stupid, but the Raj knew me too well.

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He knows my favorite for Indian women for a long time. Which is why he never introduced me to his sister when we were young. Pihu might be in the dark, but Raj knew there was a splash between us. Like him, Saanvi liked blondes with blue eyes.

“So,” he continued, “keep in mind…especially if you have cousins ​​with blonde hair and blue eyes.”

I began to wonder how Caroline felt about Indian guys.

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