Incestuous Sex With Aunt

Incestuous Sex With Aunt

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Incestuous sex with aunt- “No! I don’t understand why I have to go!” I have stood in the kitchen. Drinking a cup of tea. Mom enters and sits opposite me. I did not pay attention until silence grew between us. “Look at me, Oliver.” I lifted my eyes from my cup and looked at Masterkiu him. “When I had an accident, my sister-in-law came here and took care of me and you. He cooked, cleaned, and made sure that I have anything. She even paid my bills when the money was running low. She needed help now! And as sure as you are my son, you will do as I ask! If you are younger, I will not put down your pants and whip your ass!”

I almost laughed at him. I am now 22, and mother still rules me. Mom always uses that threat to me, whenever I feel out of control. And as a child, she will make that threat a reality. But something happened when I was 18 years old who changed all that. I came in drunk and dropped the antique vase. Mother was very angry, she dragged me to my room. Before I knew what was happening, he sropped my pants down. Pushed me to the bed in my face and began to mourn my ass with a belt. I have grown to be a pretty strong young man. I’m not too drunk, that I can’t roll over and take a belt from her.

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But I have been taught to respect her and will lie there if she wants to beat me. I began to cry! Very painful! Then she told me to stand up and face her. I suddenly realized that my cock had become erect and hard. I can’t let her see me like this. So I just lay back. Mother grabbed my ear. That was something she used to do when I was a child, and pulled me out of bed. When she turned me around, she gasped. Standing before him, my pants around my ankles, I have a hardon that stands out 8 inches. The head is fat and fluctuates when blood pulsates through it.

Mom stared at it for a few seconds, and then she threw the belt on the floor. “Cold shower!” She turned and slammed the door as she exited. But that moment in my Master Kiu life remained with me. Sometimes I imagine her doing more than just walking out of my room. Then, I would feel like trash even thinking about my mother sexually. Naturally, she was a very pretty woman, even now. And she looks more beautiful with age. But hey! A man shouldn’t stroke his penis, calling out his mother’s name. But ashamed to say it, I did it.

I knew that my mother seriously whipped my ass, so I laughed. “Okay! You won! I don’t think I can whip like the last one you gave me. How long do I have to stay?” Mom smiled and reached across the table. Her soft hands caressed my face and I pressed my cheek against her palm, when I closed my eyes. “I’ll do anything for you, mom. You know that!”

Mom did not take her hand. “Would you, Oliver?” I opened my eyes and looked into her eyes. And I swear I saw the love in her eyes that I didn’t see as a teenager. “Yes Mom, I will!” I gulped and turned my head. That night, I tried hard. And mother’s face that keeps me hard.

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The following week, I was in my car, driving on the Interstate. Six hours later, I stopped at the entrance to Aunt Eva’s house. The house looked much smaller than I remembered. As a child, it looks like a big house. Aunt Eva met me at the door.

The bandage on her face got me started. And seeing my reaction caused an expression of pain across her face. “Hello Oliver! I don’t think I’m as beauty as you thought.” I entered and hug her tightly. But the damage has already happened. Aunt Eva kept her injured face as she took me to the spare bedroom. Aunt Eva are about 5.5 tall with a nice compact body and fit in with their frame.

I want to say something to her. I mean, Aunt Eva is even more beautiful than mom. Aunt Eva is 46 years old, while mother is only 44 years old. Then she had the accident and her beautiful face was scared. Mother had warned me that Aunt Eva had started drinking and getting harsh. I was supposed to spend two weeks with Aunt Eva. That would put me there until two days before Christmas. Aunt Eva just stood in the doorway staring at me. She didn’t say a word, just turned and walked out of the room. I unpacked and could not help feeling like trash.

When I walked down, Aunt Eva was sitting in her old rocking chair. I will open my mouth to speak when I see tears running down her face. I approached her and knelt beside her Download Domino chair. “I’m really sorry for the way I reacted. I think seeing the bandages on your face surprised me for a moment.” Aunt Eva sniffed tears. “I guess I’m not pretty enough to make you masturbate again, huh? And if that’s the way you react. I can imagine the way other people will react when they see my scarred kisser.”

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I remember a little when she saw me jerking. One day, when mom and I spent a few days with Aunt Eva, I saw her naked. That night when I thought everyone was asleep, I lay in bed thinking about his body. I couldn’t stand it when my cock started growing hard. I was lying in bed, gently calling out his name, when the door opened.

Aunt Eva walked in the room. the light from the hall made her nightgown look transparent. I quickly pulled my hand, and tried to cover myself. But Aunt Eva walked to the bed. She pulled back the blanket and looked at me.

“I saw you staring at me when I dressed for the bed. I think this is what you will do here. It is natural for a young man to fantasize about an older woman. Your mother is sleeping. Oliver! This must remain our little secret. You must not tell anyone.” With that, Aunt Eva took my hand and put it back on my throbbing dick. “Do it slowly, Oliver! I want to watch Masterkiu you.”

I began to slowly caress my hard dick. Aunt Eva sat on the side of the bed and watched me. It didn’t take long until I moaned slowly. And then a large bunch of cum shots from the tip of my cock. Aunt Eva took some tissues, and cleaned me. Then she kissed my forehead and told me to sleep. Nothing else has ever happened between us, but I slept with my hands many nights thinking “what if”

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I looked at my aunt. She’s still the woman I imagined. Even the bandages on her face did not take away from her fantastic body. I feel my cock getting harder. I stood right in front of her, and even she could see the bump in my pants.

“I’m still thinking about that night. I dream about you doing more than just watching me. Even now, after all this time, that thought makes me hard. You are still a beautiful woman to me. That bandage does not make me think you are less beautiful.”

Aunt Eva looked from my bulging pants to my face. “Really, Master Kiu Oliver? You can stand there and tell me that I don’t look scary to you? That you will still consider me a desirable woman? My face is full of scars. She began to cry once more. I knew that I had to do something to prove to her that I still consider her beautiful.

I took a deep breath. “Yes, Aunt Eva, there are scars on your face. But I still think that you are a beautiful woman. I’ve been thinking about you since that night in the room over there. And I even thought of you when I was driving here. You want to know what I found you attractive? I’ll show you what I think.”

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I unzipped my pants. Aunt Eva looked at me, as I took my hard dick from my pants. She looked at my cock and gasped. I have grown a lot since that night. Then she looked at my face again.

“You did this! You! Not the bandage on the side of your face. I’ve been thinking about making love to you since that night. Every older woman who makes me excited has your body and face. I’m not a kid anymore. And mom is not here. I’m not need to worry about her waking up and knowing that I have a crush on her sister-in-law. I want to do this since that night you entered my room.”

My hands went behind the head of Aunt Eva and I pushed Download Domino her forward. “No, Oliver! We can’t do this. It’s incest! Your mom will kill us if she finds out!”

Aunt Eva didn’t put up much resistance when I pulled her face forward. “I won’t tell her Aunt Eva. Never?” When she opened her mouth to say something, I pulled her hard. My cock goes into her mouth. She struggled for a moment, and then I felt her lips slowly close around my hard shaft. Aunt Eva moaned, as she began to slowly suck my cock. She looked at me, not pausing.

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“You’re not a terrible Aunt Eva. You’re a beautiful and sexy woman. And I’ll show you how sexy you are. I’ve been thinking about fuck with you since that night. That’s it! Just suck! I’ll fuck you Aunt Eva! I’ll fuck to you until you scream out loud that you’re a beautiful woman.”

That’s when my cellphone rang. I knew from the tone that it was my mother. I took it out and answered it. “Hey, mom! Yes, I’ve arrived here. Aunt Eva? She’s eating right now. No, mom, her face isn’t as scarred as you think. In fact, she’s as beautiful as you are. Yes, I’ll tell her that. Don’t worry Masterkiu mom, I’ll take good care of your sister-in-law. Ok! I’ll talk to you later. I love you too mom! See you soon!”

Aunt Eva pulled her mouth from my cock. “I can’t believe you talked to your mother while you told me to suck your cock! What if she insisted on talking to me? What would you do then Oliver?”

I smile at her. Then gently pulling her from chair, I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. Once again she hesitated for a moment, but then she gave a kiss. As we kissed, my hand rubbed his back and descended to his soft round buttocks. I slowly squeezed her buttocks, and she groaned while pressing herself harder towards me. I broke the kiss.

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“I’ll hand you the phone and play with your pussy when you talk to her. And then, I’ll make you hang up so I can do this”. Aunt Eva is wearing one of her many housewives. My hand slipped her dress and entered into her underwear. I started stroking her wet pussy.

Aunt Eva moaned, but she didn’t pull away. “Oh Master Kiu Oliver! You have turned into a very sensual young man. What would your mother think of you doing this to poor sister-in-law?”

Aunt Eva slowly moved her hips on my caressing finger. I pushed my finger away in her cunt. Aunt Eva flinched! “Oh Oliver! It’s been a while since a man touched me like this! I shouldn’t let you do this. You know right?”

My thumb stroked her hard clit, and Aunt Eva groaned loudly. “This is not incest aunt. You are not a blood relative. And I intend to do more than just stroking your Cunt or making you suck my cock.”

I pulled my finger from her cunt, and after sucking one clean finger. I pushed the other finger into her mouth. Aunt Eva suck it while staring at my face. “Oh Oliver! What should I do with you? If your mother finds out, she will kill me! I’m her sister-in-law, and I shouldn’t let her son do these things to me.”



I smile. “Yes Aunt Eva! You are her sister-in-law! And you shouldn’t have come to my room that night and watched me jerking my cock until I came. Do you go back to your own room and play with your cunt thinking about me? Do you think about my cock sliding into your wet pussy? Tell me Aunt Eva! Tell me what you did!”

My fingers found their way under her underwear again. Aunt Eva did not move when I openly stroked her cunt. She closed her eyes and groaned, pressing my fingers.

“Yes Oliver! I went back to my room and played with my Download Domino cunt. I thought about what it would be like to take you into my mouth. I want to lick the sperm from you, not just wipe! Oh Oliver! This is so wrong! We really have to stop! How if your mother were here? She would be very angry!”

I became brave. I pushed two fingers into Aunt Eve’s cunt and began to fuck her slowly. “If mom is here, I will do the same to her! Don’t look at me like that! Every boy has a fantasy about his mother! You’re not the only woman I think of when I stroke my cock!”


Aunt Eva groaned when my fingertips found a special place for her. “Oh Oliver! Having thoughts like that about your own mother! But I must admit that my sister-in-law is a pretty hell of a woman. If I were a boy, I would think the same thing. Oh Oliver! You will make me cry if I keep doing it!”

I pulled my fingers from her and she watched me suck them clean. Then I pulled her to the room. Aunt Eva sat on the bed watching me. I closed the curtain and walked back to stand in front of it. Pushing her gently back to the Masterkiu bed, I opened her legs while pushing her coat up.

He didn’t say a word when my fingers tightened the elastic of her underwear and pulled it down. Then I looked at her beautiful pussy. “You’re hairy! I remember seeing you with a shaved cunt!” Aunt Eva looked at me. “I don’t think it’s important! Nobody wants to look at me with my face. I just let it grow and don’t care about it. But if you want me to shave it, I’ll do it. I’ll do it for you, Oliver!”

I did not say a word. Bending my head, I smelled its intoxicating aroma. Women have the sweetest and most intoxicating aroma coming out of the cunt when they are excited. And hers makes me want to dive right in and enjoy it. I licked her slowly. Tempting her with the tip of my tongue, I licked her lips. As I licked the inside of her swollen cunt lips, she groaned and groaned. Moving her hips on the bed to insert my tongue deeper.

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“Oh Oliver! I thought of you when your mother said that you would come to take care of me. I thought about that night I saw you jerking your cock. You were big even then. Many nights I played with my pussy. Thinking about what would happen if I did more than just watch over you. “

I lifted and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Aunt Eva noticed when I pushed my pants. Then my shirt and t-shirt came next. I grabbed my cock and put it in the opening of the hairy cunt opening. I slowly pushed in. Aunt Eva groaned as I pushed half my dick up her cunt. Then I just stopped. Her tits were heaving and she was staring up at me. “Damn! Oliver, you have grown into such a big boy! I think that your mom would be jealous if she knew this. I told her what happened that night! I told her that I watched you!”

Damn it. Mom knew that Aunt Eva had watched me Jerking my cock until I came! That thought made my cock swell more. Aunt Eva made a soft voice “Ahhhhh!” I pushed more of my cock into her Master Kiu. I began to slowly caress my cock to her. Aunt Sarah moved her hips to meet me.


“What did she say? Did you tell her that you wanted my dick even then? Did she turned on? Tell me Aunt Eva!” Slowly I pushed my cock until I hit bottom. Then I just held it there letting it pulsate inside him. Aunt Eva’s eyes got bigger as she took them all.

“Fuck Oliver! You have big cock! Stretching my old cunt is great! No, she doesn’t turned on! At least not what I know about it! But I think she started thinking about you at that moment. She told me about the last spank she gave you. She told me how hard and big your cock had grown. She said that if she wasn’t your mother, she suck your cock on knees. I think she’s been playing with her pussy thinking about Download Domino you ever since. Fuck me Oliver! Fuck me hard!”

I pulled back until only the cock head was inside her. Then I crashed into it deeply. Aunt Eva screamed. “Oh, damn it!” I did it repeatedly. And every time she answers with “Oh, damn! Oh shit! Oh yes! My cunt sores! Fuck me!” Aunt Eva wrapped her thin legs around my waist. She bumped me back and scrapes my back. I looked into her eyes and she smiled.

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“You want to fuck her right? You want to fuck with your own mother! Don’t deny you Masterkiu big bastard! I can see it in your eyes! You want to give her this big cock just like you gave me! Say it Oliver! Tell me you want to fuck her! Of some things as she hinted, I thought she sent you here to tempt me! I thought she sent you here in the hope that you would fuck to me just like you do now!”

Her talk further increased my lust. I grabbed Aunt Eva’s leg and pushed her up until it almost touched her breasts. Then I pulled back until the tip of my cock was between the lips of her vagina. Her eyes grew wide and she shouted, “No Oliver!” But I do not care.

When I lunged loudly, she shouted! “Yes! I want to fuck with her! Just as I fuck you! If she is here, I will have this dick deep in her cunt just like that deep in you. Oh fuck! I’ll cum! I’ll cum in this cunt!”

I could barely understand what Aunt Eva was moaning. But she told me to shoot my load. “Yes Oliver! Fuck me! Fuck me like you want to fuck your mother! Show me how you will fuck that sweet pussy! Harder baby! Make me scream for it! Oh Oliver! Now dear! Please now!”

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I arched my back trying to push my cock towards him. And she takes every inch and wants more. I felt my ball explode and she came when my hot cum boiled into his creamy cunt. Damn. That is the most fantastic feeling I’ve ever felt. But it’s really thinking about my mom’s cunt that makes me feel so good.

Aunt Eva lay there, her chest rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath. “Damn it! You haven’t been here for two hours and have already destroy mu cunt. What am I going to do with you for the remaining two weeks?”

Instead of answering it, I pulled my cock out and attacked the cunt with my mouth. I brought her to come once more. Finally, she pushed my head from her pussy. “Not anymore! Please Oliver! I can’t take this anymore! It’s been a long time and this old pussy need to rest!”

I left her lying on her bed. Aunt Eva fell asleep before I quietly closed the door. But my mind is full with my mom! After my long drive and fucking Aunt Eva, I can still feel my cock trying to come back to life. I smiled when I started planning Master Kiu a plan to get them both.

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