I Let My Husband Fuck My Best Friend

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I Let My Husband Fuck My Best Friend. I am very happy to marry the man of my dreams. I had imagined how magical our marriage and sex life it would be. When tragedy happen. After our wedding three months ago, we planned a two weeks honeymoon on Hawaii. Where we can celebrate our marriage and fuck each other everyday. But a few hours before our flight, I fell ill and had to be taken to a hospital. My appendix broke. Doctors said the condition was not life-threatening and with surgery I should be okay.

Let My Hubby Fucking With My Best Friend

A week later I came out from hospital. But the incision in my stomach prevented us from having sex for at least two months. I feel sorry for my husband because I know how excited he is. I will give him a BJ, but that is not enough.

He wants more.

He is 26 years old and at his sexual peak. Only sex can be thought of. I thought of renting him a prostitute, but it would be too low. I want to give him a woman who can fuck my husband when I watch.

No one else I would let my husband fuck besides my good friend, Tanya. She has seen me through thick and thin and has become my best maid. I really trust her. A week after I was discharged from the hospital, she visited me at home in my room.

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Tanya sat next to the bed as we talked.  I’m not sure how she would react if I told her to fuck to my husband.

I said, “Tanya, I want to tell you something. You are the only one who can help.”

She held my hands and looked straight into my eyes.

“Anything for you,” she replied with concern.

I said, “I want you to fuck to my husband tonight.”

Her face is full of questions, so I explained everything and she agreed. I called my husband and told him to go home early because I had a surprise for him. Around six o’clock he knocked on the front door and I hurried to open it.

“Darling, I want to close your eyes because I have a surprise,” I told him.

He was a little reluctant when I took off his coat, shoes, socks and took him to our bedroom. Where soft music is playing.

“What is happening Karen? You know we can’t have sex, I’ll hurt you, “he said concernedly.

All I can do is giggle. At the door of the room, I asked him to wait while I unwrapped the gift. Tanya was in our bed wearing one of my silk negligees.

“Now open your eyes,” I told my husband.

When he can see, I point at Tanya and say erotically,

‘This is your gift. Now I want you to fuck her and fill her pussy with cum.”

My husband was a little surprised and take a step back. He never thought I’d be this far.

My Husband Finally Fuck Tanya's Cunt

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He approached Tanya slowly. Her arms are open. They started kissing when I watched. I really wanted to join but this was my husband’s gift and I want him to enjoy this moment. I have watched Tanya fuck his boyfriend several times and I know my husband will be happy.

Tanya seductively took off the dress to expose anything but white pants. My husband started kissing his delicious lips, which were already wet.

Tanya began to undress my husband, and when she held the big cock in her hand I felt little jealous. My husband knelt in front of her while Tanya crawled and took my husband’s thick cock into her mouth.

He laid Tanya on the bed to get a full look of her swollen pussy, which was soaking wet. Using his fingers he began playing with her pussy lips. Tanya squeezed my sheets when two fingers inserted into him.

My husband tasted her vagina by inserting his fingers into his mouth, then smiled and stretched his finger at me. Slowly I walked to the bed to taste my best friend’s cunt, but I already knew how it felt. He lowered his head to her clitoris to suck on the lips of the cunt, sending Tanya shivering and screaming.

“Oh… please don’t stop,” she cried.

She reached for the back of his head to allow his tongue to explore the inside of her wet cunt.

I touched Tanya’s nipple, which was rock hard and I wanted to suck it when my husband told him,

“It’s time to fuck you.”

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Tanya beamed with joy as he entered the position. Using her fingers she opened his pink cunt lips to accommodate the big cock. When she took the entire shaft, she groaned loudly.

“Oh my God, you’re big … fuck me and don’t stop,” she said.

I moved to create space for them while I concentrated on self-pleasure. I tucked my finger in my cunt, which already wet my silk pants. The smell of sex filled the room when they continued to make love and groaning. My husband turned to Tanya to enter it from the side while he used one hand to rub his clit

I think this is too much for Tanya because he starts screaming and shaking. My husband increased the intensity when her cunt spewed white juice all over my husband’s cock.

The juice is too much and oozed out. My husband’s favorite style is doggy and when he brings it Tanya crawled. I knew it would not be long before he drowned her cunt with so much semen.

A moment later I heard a voice that I used to hear and I knew it was time. As much as Tanya screwed my man, I had to feel the juice of the cum and pussy that would come out in just a few moments. I ran when my husband’s tight ass tightened and I knew he shot his delicious juice into Tanya’s cunt

My Husband Cumming And Tanya Squirting

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When he pulled out his cock my mouth opened wide to clean the cunt squirt that covered his genitals. He put it in my mouth and I expertly cleaned it. I let them rest for a while and turned to my husband

“I hope you enjoy your gift. Should we continue or enough? “

They don’t say a word. Instead my best friend and husband nodded head and we get ready for the second round.

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