Get Fucked By Grandson

Get Fucked By Grandson

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Get Fucked By Grandson – I woke up feeling the warm body next to me and the unusual pain between my legs. Nobody slept with me long before my husband died. And nothing was that deep was  in my rabbit hole for a long time. I have a small vibrator that I bought. But it is thin and is used mainly to make my clit wiggle. Reality came back when I remembered my grandson Jacob raped me. Sitting up, I slid off the bed from him as fast as possible without waking him up. I don’t want him to rape me again.

From my mind, I heard my voice shouting. “Lying!”, “Jacob doesn’t rape you, you want Sakongkiu everything, and you get what you want.”

Rushing down the stairs, I walked to the bathroom. Flicking light, I caught the site of myself in the mirror. That face is not one of those raped. It is the guilty face of a woman who has sex with her grandson and enjoys it all. Even the burning pain when he first entered me. It feels almost lost my virginity again. Knowing that I had not been raped, shame was terrible. I let my grandson fuck me and I had an orgasm while he did.

I flowed the water in an tub. Coming in to wash the scent of sex and the shame of what I had done from me. While I soaked in the bathtub, I wondered why it happened. I remember being angry at my children when they thought I could not live alone anymore. I was even more angry when they suggested that Jacob move with me. I am only 64 years old and I can do it well. When Jacob came to me later and spoke to me explaining how it would help him. And his family out by letting him stay with me. I agreed, he was sincere, he didn’t come to take care of me, he really needed a place to stay. I refused to be rented but agreed to let him go to various things at home to help me.

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Cerita Hot Sex – The first few weeks I made him quite busy when he was not working at his army job. Changing light bulb, fixing this and that, even slightly touching the painting. He had no problems, he kept his room clean even cleaned most of the house. It was when he did those Sakongkiu tasks that I noticed him. Often he wore shorts and T-shirts around the house even though it was winter outside. At first the scars on his legs made me sad, remembering when he was injured. But seeing how much he recovered and enjoying life, made me forget his injuries. Sometimes when he works he will take his shirt off and I can see his carved chest and stomach. He did not look like the fat frame of his late grandfather.

That’s when I felt my first little itch behind my nipples. Thinking about how those carved thighs would fit between me in my youth. And how I would love to have muscular breasts pushing me to bed when we fuck. I used my small vibrator several times to think of my clitty about faceless men. A few weeks later, it was time for me to start thinking of Jacob as a sexual partner. But only as a fantasy.

Jacob lives on the second floor and his room is above me. In many changes over the years some things are left of old style houses which include ventilation between floors. If the house is very quiet, people can also hear snippets of conversation if anyone tries it. One night I went to sleep but could not sleep which is unusual for me. And I heard Jacob arrive late. He was supposed to go home for his wife but winter storms made the trip dangerous.

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Get Fucked By Grandson – After a while I heard a creak in the ceiling above my bed that said Jacob was in his room. I could hear buzzing through a hole that was roughly the same as Jacob’s voice. But I really didn’t understand what he was saying. I began to wonder who he was talking to then realized. He was most likely talking on his cellphone to someone, maybe his wife. About 10 minutes later I could hear what sounded like a woman’s voice coming from Jacob’s room. Sounds very similar to his wife but she is hours from here. And if he can’t go see her, how could she be here?

At first I was afraid Jacob sneak a woman in my house. I am not shy, but I will not let Jacob cheat his wife under my roof. I started to go upstairs and when I got closer to the door. I clearly heard the voice of a woman in the room. I argued about breaking in but instead chose a more refined Sakongkiu approach. After all what if his wife had been making it up. How would I explain about Grandma who broke the door. Another feature left in the house is an antique door with an old style lock.

Key with the actual keyhole. So I knelt down in the hallway and pressed my eyes to the hole. The landing outside was dark but the light from Jacob’s computer spilled across the room. When my eyes were focused, I had to put my hand over my mouth. So that I wasn’t panting loud enough for her to hear. In my view, I can see Jacob, now naked, sitting in a chair at his desk with his computer screen. Showing a video of his naked wife talking to him when he masturbates in bed.

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Cerita Hot Sex – What makes me gasp is Jacob holding his penis in his hand and stroking it up and down. I only saw two male appendages who were upright up to that point in my life. And did not seem fit for the term “cock”, not even my late husband, but Jacob did. It wasn’t too long but it really stood out above a few inches when he caressed. What is truly amazing is its thickness. His big hands barely wrapped around them. Jacob was pumped when his wife played on the screen and through its climax. When the screen turned blue, Jacob muttered “Damn,” before taking his free hand and play a new video for her.

That’s when I realized he was watching a video of his wife. I should have left but many factors were playing in my mind. I’ve never seen a man masturbate before, and Jacob’s cock is much thicker than I’ve ever seen. And this is something I can add to my mystery lover. So I pay Sakongkiu attention. I knelt on the floor and peeked and saw my grandson tucking his hand up and down the cock. I like to think of that term now.

He stroked his cock while his wife talked dirty and rubbed her cunt. I took a breath when I saw his thighs contract. And his stomach bent before he fired the flow of his male juice into the air. I didn’t join in rubbing myself that night. Not there, I waited until I went down in my own washroom. Only when he began to move I did realize that I was in the middle of the aisle. And very likely to be caught. So I rushed down to my room to close the door behind me. I’m not waiting to find my toy or even take off my pants before my fingers rub my clit. I fell back into bed, snapping my feet once again.

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Get Fucked By Grandson – Dreaming of a mysterious lover with a strong body between my thighs. This time with his cock pressed against me. I rubbed myself into two orgasms before I tried to put my finger inside. Two were burning a little so I chose one to tickle inside. As my other hand tickled my clit for the third and final orgasm. My feet were lifted out of bed and my back arched as my face grimaced at what looked like pain. But what was actually an incredible joy when I ran to the top. Only to fall into the blackness of the unconscious.

When I woke up, I could hear Jacob in the kitchen. And I realized that my hands were still in my pants. Looking at the clock, I thought I only slept a few minutes. But the clock showed 7 o’clock in the morning. I pulled myself under the blanket and swearing that it would never happen again. The oath only lasted until I heard a woman’s voice in the hole again. Once again I tried to kneel at Sakongkiu Jacob’s door. This time when I looked, I let myself caress my nipples. It started unconsciously but when I caught myself I let it continue. Once again after he finished, I slipped into my room and made love to my mysterious, faceless lover. As the days passed I began to wander around Jacob’s room.

I looked at his desk and around his chair for any sign that he was leaving seeds. He didn’t, he cleaned everything. I tried to open the laptop several times he left it at home but it was password protected. I often masturbate to my mystery lover several times a day. Only use my toys when I know Jacob isn’t at home. Then when I would hear his voice, I would crawl up the stairs. And watch my grandson playing with his cock. I would kneel there not only to be aroused from watching him play with himself. But to hear his wife say how he wanted to suck his cock. And let him down her throat, or fucked her until he passed out.

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Cerita Hot Sex – I first started leaving underwear in my room. After the first time I really touched myself while kneeling at the door. I became aroused and soaked, something that rarely happened in the past. While my grandson did the same thing through a thin door. I waited until Sakongkiu I returned down the stairs before finishing on my own. After hearing her talk about sucking Jacob. I began to take my toy in my mouth to please my mystery lover. I have never done that in real life. It was considered dirty on my day and we will never do it. But once again I have never masturbated too much or peeked at my grandson before.

I don’t know what I’m doing, so I suckle a little when I play with my cunt. When Jacob left, I would take the drenched toy and put it in my cunt to come once more. Finally I gave up wearing an evening gown when I left. So I had access to my tits and cunt too. I do wear a light dressing gown just in case I meet Jacob on the way. I even managed to masturbate until several orgasms knelt down. Like dirty prostitutes in the hallway while Jacob came a few feet away.

Several times I did not hear her voice except his voice and crawled up to the door. It will be dark, but I know he has sex with his wife. I can hear him talking about licking his cunt when he calls her and says how he will fuck her. It was not as interesting as actually seeing him jerking himself. But I came a little by only listening to the sexy voice. And moans and sighs he made when he came in the dark. I guess what happened could not be avoided. In my fantasy my lover has started to have a face. Jacob’s face but I pushed it out of my mind. It will be incest and it’s wrong. It happened quite surprising because Jacob was supposed to go home for the weekend.

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Get Fucked By Grandson – Disappointed for Jacob because I knew he missed his family but I knew he would watch his wife’s video again. I waited a moment in the dark to make Jacob think I was sleeping. I noticed he always waited until he thought I was going to bed before starting. Once again I take off my dress and panties before wearing a gown. I had begun to slippery between my legs when I walked up the stairs.

I have not heard a woman’s voice and when I approached the door I was a little disappointed. I could hear him talking on the phone but there was still light entering through the keyhole. I knelt down and could see when he dropped his cellphone while moaning in frustration. His cock was soft in his hand until he started playing the film on the computer again. He looked almost panicked because his hand ran off on its shaft. I’m afraid he will rub his skin off.

I hear thunder blasts but don’t care about them, thunderstorms are common during the spring here. The window had been opened on the second floor. To allow Sakongkiu spring air to enter but the rain would not enter. When I saw Jacob, I knelt on the floor, my knees spread out open so that I could rub freely. I pushed a thin change of dress over my shoulder to free my breasts. And let my other hand play on my nipples.


Cerita Hot Sex – I got up and went down just in time with Jacob’s push in his hand. My finger pierced through my wet hole while my thumb hit my clitoris. I followed Jacob to the climax when I felt even greater pressure. The wall of wind pushed out of the storm had found its way into the house. From a window on the other side and looked for an exit. The wind swept over me and pushed to the door. The antique hook barely closed the door on a good day but with the wind pushing the door open.

Jacob almost reached orgasm when the door opened in front of me. I froze in fear as his head turned to see what moved in the corner of his eye. That’s when she saw me kneeling on the floor, my thighs wide open and my breasts open. Instead of covering him up or hiding him, he stood up, still stroking its thickness, then walked toward me. My hands and fingers are still buried in my cunt. Frozen with Sakongkiu fear when he approached me. Instead of anger on his face, I saw passion, desire, need for climax.

When he was a few feet away from me. The first burst rocketed towards my left shoulder, another on my breast. Bursts hit my skin with a slight gurgling sound. Bursts began to lose speed, but he still stepped closer. His cock now on my face. I started to retreat but stopped when he rubbed it on one cheek. And then another smear cum on my face. As he rubbed I remember wanting to suck my mysterious lover and as she moved his cock on my mouth. I opened them allowing them to slide in.

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Get Fucked By Grandson – He tasted salty and somewhat bitter from the leaky liquid. But I suckled his cock which was now softened like a child breastfeeding. I feel it grow hard in my mouth. While I suckled, I rubbed more seeds from my hair and rubbed them into my opening. When I approached another peak this time with my grandson’s hard penis stretching out my mouth. I felt it pulsing again. The seeds flooded my mouth and without thinking I pulled his cock out of my mouth. Swallowed and cleared my throat. When I did, he slipped his manhood into my cheek covered the jism. Then swung back, he shot the other in cheek and into my neck.

When I swallowed semen and felt it on my face the realization of what I had just hit me. The guilt over the past few weeks. And the guilt of taking my grandson’s cock into my mouth and letting him use me. I fell forward, my forehead fell to the Sakongkiu ground and cried. I think if he scolded me for spying on him or told me how whore I am. I would have handled it better. Instead Jacob made me stand up and directed me to the bed. When he did the last of my clothes and dignity, I slid down my arms to the floor. He got a warm wash cloth and cleaned the dirt that came out of my face and body. I shivered with desire and grimaced with guilt as his hands and cloth wiped my breasts and nipples.

When I tried to take the cloth and remove the goo from my hair with a gap. He stopped me with an raised tone and scared me. Jacob pushed me to the bed and under the blanket before sliding to my side. We were both naked. I turned my back on him to hide my embarrassment, but I immediately saw that it was a mistake. Jacob slid up close, sliding his arms under me and putting them on my waist. His cock, now growing again, between my ass cheeks.

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Cerita Hot Sex – When Jacob tried to rub my clit and nipples, I asked him to stop but he refused. He reminded me how slut I was and how I had come with my own fingers using semen. I turned my head on the pillow to hide my embarrassment. And when I did, Jacob started kissing my neck and shoulders. While his fingers felt beautiful on my pussy and my nipples. I began to respond despite my guilt, feeling of wetness flowing to his fingers and upper thighs. I feel the new wet too, now between the cheeks of my ass. As he continued to rub his cock back and forth. I feel my hips swinging into his movements. And sometimes the head of his cock will touch my anus which causes chills.

When I was panting like a hot, bitchy woman writhing like a worm on a hook. Jacob lowered his hips. He tried to slip cock into me, but I asked him to stop because it was incest Sakongkiu . Once again Jacob reminded me of my hypocrisy after spying and cumming while shooting the jism into my mouth. Lifting my guilt was worse than the slap in the face and I lay stunned as he slid towards me.

It’s been a long time since something bigger than my finger or dildo is inside me. And I’m not slippery inside like I used to be. When Jacob tried hard, I felt the friction and burning sensation that was almost like removing my virginity again. I asked him to go slow, he did it but it didn’t seem to help. Even with the burning sensation I felt the anticipation build when Jacob kept his fingers active. I felt myself responding to twisting my hips to meet his fingers and urge. When he was part of the way, I felt him shake and shoot the jism. I thought it would be the end and he would roll over. And go to sleep like his grandfather always did. Instead I felt he reached down and he seemed to do something with his cock, pumping it.

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Get Fucked By Grandson – It just softened a little and soon it was hard again. Jism makes it easier this time. I stretched even further than before. My two children have become part C section, my cunt expanded beyond memory. In my greater pleasure, I add my fingers to my clit. His pump was getting tighter and more insistent until he was buried inside me. With a growl he pulled his hand from my Sakongkiu clitoris and nipple before pushing me to the pillow. Rolling my stomach to bed with him still inside me. As soon as I lay face down, he put his hands over my shoulder. He began to push hard as he pulled me back to his thumping cock.

I stretched my knees so that he pushed me deeper with me pushing him back. I can feel it on the top of my cunt and rub where nothing has ever been before. My nipples rubbed against the sheet. I heard a groan then a distant rustle, not screams. I immediately realized that it was me when I ran at the top like I had never done before. And when I was on climax, I screamed and turned my face to bite Jason on the arm. When I fell into the pit of darkness, I could still feel it thrusting between my legs. His hips slapped my ass until I heard the roar and pain as he bit my shoulder. All of that added to the sensation and made me faint with pleasure.

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