Gay Dad And Son Story 7

Gay Dad And Son Story 7

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Gay Dad And Son Story 7 – Hearing the voice say how hot we were. We all looked at the fence. A brown-haired man who is around 30 years old is staring at our recent lovemaking scene. “If I had come home earlier, I would have joined.”

“Hi Bob Master Kiu. Don’t expect you to come back for a few more hours,” Jake said. This is definitely the boyfriend Jake just mentioned. Basic strength of hungry cock who like to be fucked. “Ted” (Matt points at me) “and Jimmy invited me to drink and…well you saw the rest.”

“Yes, as I said it looks very hot.”
“I’m sure we’ll all be ready to fuck in a little while,” I said. “Why aren’t you coming?”

All three of us are now standing, still naked, showing our cock and balls to the world as we talk. Jimmy and Jake are half-mast, mine is still a bit soft but I can feel it begin to move.

“I’ll take a shower for a while, then I’ll be there. Don’t start again without me,” he said and then disappeared back to their house.

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“So he’s the bottom boy?” I asked Jake.
“Mostly. He sometimes fuck. His cock is not as big as we are, but his ass is very beautiful,” Jake answered.
“If he doesn’t fuck you too often, how come you can take my cock so easily?” I ask him.

“He’s not the only guy I’ve ever been with. We’re playing around – together or not. And he’s using a big dildo for me and lately trying to uses his fist. Guess that has loosened me.” When he mentioned ‘fist’, Jimmy’s mouth opened.

“A fist,” he said. “he fist fuck your hole?”
“Yes for a few weeks now. We saw it in a porn movie and he said he wanted to try it. But it hasn’t gotten through his knuckles. But he keeps trying.”
“I think I’m going to stick to cock in my cunt.” Jimmy said. Both Jake and Jimmy’s cocks are now hard and pointing to the sky. And I’m fine in how to join them.

“Calm down,” I said. “Let’s wait for Bob Masterkiu to join us.”

About 20 minutes later, we heard Bob coming in the corner of the house. He appeared wearing shorts and a very tight short-cut t-shirt. Short pants stick to his body like second skin. They were so short that the ball really hung out at the bottom as he walked towards us. He’s around five foot tall, wet brown hair, brown eyes. I see his nipples also have a piercing ring like Jake.

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“Friends,” he said.

Jake approached and gave Bob a big hug and a kiss. Placing a hand on Bob’s ass as he did. “You dressed too much, dariling,” he said. He then took off Bob’s T-shirt that showed a slim and brunette body. There is no big muscle but also not fat. My cock started to rise again and I smiled at Jimmy, he is also hard. Jake rubbed his hand against Bob’s body, fiddling with the nipple ring, while continuing to kiss him.

He unbuttoned Bob’s shorts and pushed them down revealing Bob’s hard cock surrounded by a set of trimmed pubs. He wasn’t as big as the three of us but I wouldn’t say it was small either. Maybe around six inches and cut, with a hairless ball hanging. He was tanned. I felt very hot.

When the two of them finished kissing, Jimmy and I Download Domino walked over and greeted Bob. I shook his hand, Jimmy ran his hand on Bob’s ass and grabbed his cock and gave him a kiss. Bob wrapped his hands around Jimmy’s hard dick and said, “I can’t wait to feel your cock in my ass.”

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“How about we go inside and have privacy. Don’t know who saw the fence,” I said. We moved into the waiting room, and I offered Bob a drink, but he shook his head. Immediately leaning on the arm of the sofa with his legs open. “So, because I’m a beginner here, who wants to fuck me first out of you two,” he said. Looking at Jimmy and me. “I’ll get you two on my butt so you choose who goes first.”

From where I was standing, I had a perfect view of Bob’s narrow little hole. Jake is right – it’s a pretty-looking firm ass and a small hole. He pushed his ass out and dribbled something that looked like cum ran out, under the ball. “What the heck,” I said. “You already have cum in you Bob?”

“No, it’s just lubricant. I’m getting my ass ready for cock. Come on daddy, push your hard cock at me.”

I positioned the head of my knob in the Masterkiu hole and swung it around the hole. Lining it in a lubricant that he pushed out of his ass while Bob sniffed the poppers. “I need a cock daddy,” Bob said. With which he pushed his ass back and swallowed my cock all the way inside him. Lube in his ass feels amazing around my cock.

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“I need to pee. You want it, Bob?” Jake asked. Bob just nodded and opened his mouth so Matt put his cock in and started peeing. We could hear the liquid gathering in Bob’s mouth, then he swallowed it. He continued to take Jake’s urine, not missing a single drop while I was fucking his cunt. This boy is a horny dirty slut. Jake then lay on the floor and lubricated his hard cock which pointed straight up. “Come on Billy boy, ride my cock again.”

Jimmy smiled, accepted the popper and straddled Jake’s cock. Then sat straight to get Jake’s cock ball deep in his cunt. It looked very hot watching my boy drive that big cock. While I slammed my cock in and out of Bob’s tight ass hole. We fuck for a few Download Domino minutes then I could feel the cum spinning in my ball. Getting ready to travel to my shaft. I don’t want the cum to slow down so much and just hold my cock deep in Bob’s ass. “Jimmy, let’s trade. You fuck this ass, and I really want to put Jake’s cock in my pussy.”

Jimmy stood up and I saw Jake’s hard cock covered in lubricant and cum from Jimmy’s ass. I got out of Bob and we switched places. When I straddled Jake, I picked up some deep popper scent, then placed his head under my hole. And slowly pushed my ass down on his cock. Until I sat on my groin with his cock covered with cock all the way inside me. I needed to wait a minute or two to get used to the log that was now inside of me. So I watched as Jimmy rudely pushed his big cock into Bob and started to fuck him hard. Bob groaned when Jimmy hit his butt.

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I lift a little and Jake starts to fuck me slowly. I pulled my ass cheek wide to let Jake as deep as possible, then sat back at him. Jimmy lay on Bob’s back holding Rob’s arm above his head with one hand. While the other under Bob’s body pulled the nipple ring. He was rutting like a dog pushing his cock away into Bob’s guts. Each thrust made Bob whimper.

“Are you ready for your hard-fucking buddy?” Jake asks me Master Kiu. “Sure. Let’s do it,” I answered. He lifted me from his cock and pushed me to my back. He lifted my legs in the air and spread wide as I pulled my butt cheek. Then Jake slammed his cock deep inside me and started hitting my cunt with a long, fast, deep push.

“Your ass is very tight, I won’t last long,” he said. I want to be fuck for a long time but also want to feel his cock burst into my ass. “Pull your cock friend and cum while I fuck you,” he said. I started pulling my cock with one hand and turning Jake’s nipple ring with the other. When I heard Bob moan and see cum begin to flow from his cock to the floor. That’s enough to push me. My cock shot string after rope high cum into my chin and chest. Jake stopped beating me. “I’ll cum buddy,” he said and held his cock deep inside me. I could feel his cock twitching and getting thicker. Then cum warmed the inside of my ass as he blasted the burden into me.


“Oh, fuck, oh, fuck. I’m cumming Masterkiu ..” Jimmy groaned and pounded his cum load into Bob’s guts. “Oh my God, oh shit,” he shouted. I know he gave Bob’s ass full of hot cum.

None of us can move after a few minutes until our breath returns to normal. Then the cock becomes soft and comes out of the cum-filled cunt. Jimmy lay beside me and wrapped himself over me, while Bob and Jake did the same thing. Jimmy fingered my screwed hole and played with cum inside me. As Jake’s cum began to flowed out.

“I like our neighbor’s dad,” he said. “Me too, kid,” I said. Bob and Jake grinned and both said, “Us too.” I feel this is just the beginning of good times.

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