Gay Dad And Son Story 3

Gay Dad And Son Story 3

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Gay Dad And Son Story 3 – During the weekends we stay naked without underwear. The place was very remote and nothing was passing by. So we decided not to dress which meant we could quickly get each other’s cock when we felt the urge. We zipped our sleeping bags together and slept naked, spooning each other, playing with our hard cock. I lost the count of how many times we both blew our cum It was the most exciting weekend. Several times on the way home, Jimmy will grab and reach my crotch. Making my cock hard so he can caress me when I drive.

Life returned to normal with me going to work at bola 88 8 am and Jimmy staying at home looking for work. He would send me a message during the day to say how excited he was and that he needed cum. Often sending me pictures of his beautiful hard Cock. I will race home after work to find it naked and difficult to wait for me. I will strip off as soon as I get behind the closed door. Jimmy likes to see my hard cock sticking out of my pants or hanging beside it. He will kneel in seconds, tear my pants and sink my cock deep in his mouth and throat.


Incest Taboo Sex Story – One day he bought a small brown bottle. And held it under each nostril and inhaled deeply. He then went crazy for my cock, slobbering over the hard shaft. I asked if I could try the ‘poppers’ he called. I did what Jimmy did and suddenly my head spun and my cock felt like it was going to explode. It was the longest orgasm and the biggest cum load that I have for centuries. Jimmy swallowed everything without skipping a drop.

Popper makes me so aroused. I opened my mouth wide and he slid his cock until it touched the back of my throat. My tongue stroked the shaft when my hand grabbed his butt cheeks. His cock filled my mouth and felt amazing, I just couldn’t suck enough. All too fast Jimmy cum shot into my mouth and into my throat. I suck everything I deserve, don’t want to miss the sweet sticky juice.

“Damn, that’s good situs login 188 ,” I said after we both got off each other’s orgasms. “Popper is brilliant.”

“It’s even better when you fucking or getting fucked dad,” said Jimmy. He was still determined to make me fuck him, and he fucked me. And to be honest I have started wanting it too. I want to feel my cock buried deep in my son’s ass. And maybe feel the big cock ball inside me. A few hours later it happened.


Gay Dad And Son Story 3 – After dinner was finished, Jimmy said he would take a shower. “I want to get ready for you dad, you will push your cock over my ass and fucking tonight”. I watched his sweet butt cheeks as he ran up the stairs to the bathroom. My cock jumped alive when I thought about fuck with him. I went to my room and lay on the bed. Slowly playing with my hard cock when I listened to him take a shower.

He was in the tangkas 365 bathroom for centuries and then I heard the waters end. A few minutes later he walked to my room carrying a towel, a bottle of lube, and a poppers. His brown hair was still moist and pointed, his long and supple body was still rather moist. His long cock and balls bounced as he walked to the bed. Fuck he is a beautiful boy. I just looked at him while slowly playing with my cock. Pre cum had gathered in the gap of my piss hole.

“First, we must prepare,” said Jimmy. He straddled my body, his cock and ass on my face and his head down on my cock. “Lick my ass daddy. Push your tongue in my hole.” I pulled her cheeks so that I could see her hairy hole twitching. It looked very tasty and inviting so I didn’t need to be told twice. I buried my face between his cheeks, pounding on the beautiful hole. I pushed my tongue as far as I could. It felt very dirty but also aroused to stick my tongue into my son’s ass. My cock is hard like wood when Jimmy buries his mouth on it.

Dad Son Gay Anal Poppers


Incest Taboo Sex Story – “Now use the lubricant. Apply it over my hole and push it in with your finger and fuck me”. I pushed one then two fingers into his ass. It feels so tight, warm and runny with the lubricant. After a few minutes he stopped me, turned and dripped the lubricant on my cock. He massaged my hard cock until oiled then lined his cock hole with my cock. He took 4 sniffs of popper then put my cock in the hole. When he held my hairy pecs, he slowly sat on my penis, pushing me deep into the tight heat hole. He groaned as he sank until he sat in my groin, my cock was completely buried in his ass. It feels amazing, so warm and tight around my shaft.

Up and down on my cock he fuck to my hard dick while pushing my hairy chest. He tightened the hole as he pulled up and loosened again when sliding down. He is pro in riding cock. I have never felt this for years. He sniffed more poppers and began to take the speed of fucking himself.

I know I won’t last long if he continues togel 188 so I tell him to slow down. I want this feeling and damn to last as long as possible. He stopped completely and bent down to kiss me. My tongue went wild and deep in his mouth while my cock was deep in his ass. I kept my cock still absorbing the hot, juicy man’s vaginal feeling.


Gay Dad And Son Story 3 – “Now you’re really going to fuck to me dad,” he said. He rose from my cock and squatted on all fours on the edge of the bed. He took some poppers, and gave me the bottle. I got up from the bed, lined my cock with the ass and took some sniffs of poppers too. “Ram your cock inside me hard and deep. Fuck me daddy, really FUCKING me!”

When the popper takes effect, he pushes situs lain 188 the hole out and I hit the ass far away to my son. “Aaaghh, fuck!” he is screaming. I stopped thinking I had hurt him. “No, don’t stop, daddy. Fuck my pussy.” I pulled my cock almost all the way out then hit it again and again. He groaned and stretched his legs a little further. “Fuck me, fuck me, fill me with your big cock,” he shouted.

“Im coming Jimmy.” My cock and butt feel very hot. I reach around and start wanking Jimmy hard and wet cock.

“Yes daddy, breed my cunt. Fill me with your hot cum.” I cum my cock inside. Gave a loud groan and began to spur my hot load onto his ass. It feels like I spurred my semen for centuries. His cock twitched and Jimmy began to lower the ball into the sheets. His cum flew everywhere when I pumped my load to him.

Dad Fuck Son Ass Anal


Incest Taboo Sex Story – I put my body on his back, we both bola 88 sweated. My cock still in his hot ass and my hand still pulled his cock. “Fuck,” I said. “Fucking hot.” My cock slowly deflated and slipped from his ass. Followed by my cum drops which ran out of the gaping hole, down the ball and collected on the sheets. The room smelled of butt fucking and cum. I lay on the bed on my back on a wet sheet with cum. Jimmy turned and sank his mouth over my flacid cock licking the juice of his ass and cum. Then moving up and kissing me deeply.

“Fuck you dirty boy,” I said. “You will dry my semen if you continue like this”. He looked at me and smiled as if this was what he planned. “I love you, Jimmy.”
“I love you too,” he replied as he curled up on my body. “Can’t wait to fuck you.”

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