Fuck My Mom At Woodstock Music Fest

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Fuck My Mom At Woodstock Music Fest – It was at the end of the summer of 1969. And I had just turned 18 years old. I just graduated from high school and I was planning on going to university in the fall, partly for studies. But mostly for postponement of the project.

I thought high school was difficult and glad to finish it. Partly because my mother was a teacher at my school. Talking about embarrassing, and the worst is that she tried to behave like a teenager rather than a big person. She had dressed like a child of flowers for a year. And always borrowed my albums to read them in her room late at night. She did her best to be cool, but how could she be cool? She was my mother, do you understand what I’m saying?

She knew I wanted to go to the music festival that held in the north of the state. So I was pleasantly surprised when my birthday present was two tickets. The problem is that she insisted on using one of the tickets herself.

Fucking My Mom At Music Festival XXX

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“It’s going to be fun, nobody will know that I’m your mother, tell them I’m your ‘old lady’. She said with a sly smile.

Great. I finally get to go at a big event and mom will be there to calm me down. I could have had any girl I knew to accompany me if Mom was not so determined to go.

So we were in a bus with a group of other hippies stuck in a traffic jam several kilometers long. It was Friday afternoon, August 16, and the groups were supposed to start at about five o’clock. While we waited on the bus, someone passed a blunt. I took it from the guy in front of me. But seeing the disapproving look on my mom’s face, I returned it to him without taking my head.

After several hours on bus without moving. Some of the kid insist the driver to let them out so they could walk to the festival. At that time, there were a lot of people passing by, so mom said we should walk too. I was bored sitting on the bus, so I agreed and soon we were walking the last five kilometers.

We both brought a sleeping bag and extra blanket. And I had a backpack with fresh fruit and an assortment of canned goods. I also brought a light tent for two people, just in case it was raining.

“Who needs a candy?” she told no one in particular.

“It looks good, I could use something for my sweet tooth.” I heard mom say. Before I could stop her, Mom slipped a cube into her mouth and held one in her hand for me.

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I took the sugar from his hand and put it in my mouth. “After all, it could be a good time,” I thought, tasting the slightly bitter LSD under the sweetness of candy. I thought I should tell Mom what she was up to and what to expect. But I was still pissed that she insisted that my party break up. So I thought I’d just leave it. make the trip. Anyway, I could not stop it now, we had both swallowed our dose.

Acid is a fun thing. You take a shot, either on a piece of paper, or a sugar, and then nothing happens. You feel perfectly normal for about 45 minutes. Just when you decide that nothing is going to happen, it happens. Slowly at first, things start to look a little…different. Your skin feels funny, as if you were cold, even if you’re not, and the whole world just seems…It’s hard to explain, and everyone reacts in its own way. But you know that you are on a trip unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

The sun was falling below the horizon when my journey began. I looked around all the other members of the crowd, wondering if they knew. Knew what? I could not really say, but someone in this crowd needs to know.

“Oh my God, I’m suddenly blushing.” I thought I heard mom say, although my memory is not so precise. I just remember sitting there, letting the music overwhelm me as I watched a couple make out yards away. Then a naked guy swam by, his flacid cock swaying, his long blond hair coming out of his head.

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“Oh my god, Jim. That man is… he’s…oh my god.”

I started gigling at the absurdity and uselessness of all this. The whole thing, in addition to the look on my mother’s face. Well, I did not know what to think, but it seemed funny all the same.

The band really started grooving on stage, I think it was Ravi Shankar. And I looked around to see mom was standing, dancing. She had her hands on her head and her body seemed to move like a snake. His hips and shoulders moved rhythmically back and forth, his flowery skirt acting like a flag in a light breeze. The naked blond guy went by again, but this time he stopped briefly to dance with my mother. I thought she would slap him for swinging his cock in front of her like that. But she kept dancing as if nothing had happened. The naked guy smiled before leaving, back where he was going. I think it rained during this first night, but again, my memory is not too precise.

Time is a fun thing when you high. So I can not say how long mom dancing before looking at her and seeing that she had removed her shirt. She was not wearing a bra, so her huge breasts swayed from side to side as she moved her hips. I looked around and saw several other girls dancing in their bare breasts, some of them even completely naked and that seemed to be the most normal thing in the world.

Mom Dancing Topless Cause Of Acid

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I decided to take off my shirt, so I sat down and put it on my head, then lay on my back. Listening to the music and staring at the stars. Arlo Guthrie was now on stage, playing one of my favorites, “Coming in Los Angeles”.

“Was there anything in this candy?” I heard my mother’s voice in my ear and felt her nipples hurry against my chest.

“What do you think?” I could not help but laugh, even with my mother’s naked breasts pressed against me.

“I feel strange, are you OK? What’s so funny?” she asked.

Still laughing, I reached out my hand and put my fingers on her naked nipples. I gently pinched them, then she started laughing.

“Stop that!” she said, still laughing. “Seriously, I feel funny.” she stopped laughing and looked at me.

“I think you’re beautiful.” I brought her closer to me and kissed her on the lips.

“Oh Jim.” she moaned, then she kissed me back, pushing her tongue between my lips.

I do not know if it was acid, my hormones or just the wild scene around us. But for the first time in my life, I saw my mother as a sexually attractive woman. She had a decent figure, a little chubby, but her breasts were beautiful and fleshy. And she had large brown areolas and big nipples well cleared.

While we were lying on our side kissing, I looked and saw a couple next to us making love. In the dark, I could distinguish the guy’s cock who disappeared in the hairy pussy of her girlfriend. There were naked people everywhere. So it seemed perfectly normal for me to grab my mom’s boobs.

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She kept kissing me and made no attempt to stop me as my hand moved up her most private area. Her snatch was wet, and the wetness was very slippery on my fingers. I teased her lips briefly, before sliding my index finger in. I heard her moaning in my ear, and felt her hands on my belt, trying to unbuckle it. I rolled on my back so I could help her get my belt and blue jeans off. As soon as they were clear of my bare feet, I rolled over on top of her. She spread her legs for me and I plunged right in.

It’s like a dream, here I tripping hard and fucking this beautiful older woman. The fact that she was my mother did not matter at that time. I was there and she was there and that’s it. Looking back now, it seems odd to have slept with my mother for the first time. In the midst of a crowd with half a million people.

One of the effects of LSD is that it is difficult for a man to get an erection. And even harder to reach orgasm. So once my cock became hard, I was able to fuck for hours. Mom did not seem to care and she had no problem getting noticed. I kissed her for a moment, then I held her by taking a break to catch my breath. Then I began to fuck the wet pussy.

While we were fucking, someone passed me a joint. This time, I take a big hit, then I offered it to mom. She shook her head but did not reprimand me for smoking. She might have if my cock not locked in her pussy. I passes the joint to the couple next to us and I pounding my cock into my mother’s cunt again.

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It seems like forever, I finally felt my cum boiling in my balls. I quicken the pace of my fucking and quickly delivered a load of massive cum in her womb. We were both sweating when I finally cum in her, physically exhausted, but still mentally alert.

After the long walk and the hours of fucking, I was hungry. So I sat down and opened my backpack. I remember looking at the fruit for a long time, trying to choose between an orange or an apple. Before finally choosing orange. The juice ran into my hands as I tried to peel the skin. I finally opened it and put one in my mouth. It was more delicious than I could describe it, between my high senses and my voracious hunger. I felt Mom’s hand on my hip, so I turned and put one of the orange in her mouth. She chewed while licking the sticky juice from my fingers. After finishing the orange, I rolled out our sleeping bags and compressed them together into a double bag.

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We both snuggled against the fresh air of the night. I was behind her, spoon on her. And I loved the smell of her long brown hair when I huddled in the face. The acid finally wore off, and the last thing I can remember is the beautiful sunrise before falling asleep.

I woke up around noon on Saturday with a morning wood. I was rubbing my hard cock in the mom’s ass cheeks when she woke up.

“Oh my God, Jim.” she suddenly surprised and quickly turned around to face me. “What happened last night, did you…do we have…?” An expression of realization appeared to him and she closed her eyes. “What was in the candy?” she opened her eyes and looked at me.

“I’m pretty sure it was LSD, how was your first trip?” I teased her. I wanted her to realize what she had done in insisting on coming to the festival with me.

“I knew it!” she shouted. “Why did not you say anything?”

“You had it in your mouth before I could stop you. And after that it was useless to make you panic as you talked, you seemed to be having fun”. I smiled and put my hand on her ass.

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“Oh my god…we did it, didn’t we?”

“All night, you really seemed to enjoy it, Mom. I never thought you’d be such a dynamo in the bag.” I squeezed her ass and pushed my hips forward. Trying to find her hole.

“We should not…It’s not fair…” she mumbled, but no resistance when I found her cunt with my cock and I entered. “Oh Jim,” she sighed.

I rolled on her and fucked her hard and hard, and this time I arrived in less than 5 minutes.

Nobody around us seemed to be paying attention to us when we get dressed. I had a canteen full of water and we drank both, dehydrated by the activities of the previous day. She got up to find a bathroom and when she left, a bearded hippie in front of me turned around.

“Your old lady is pretty groovy, man.” he said.

“Thanks.” I replied.

“Right on.” he said before turning back around.

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I began to fear that mom was lost in this sea of ​​people when she finally returned. She said there was a huge queue for the women’s washroom. And everyone was saying  the crowd was much larger than the proponents had planned.

We had canned tuna and crackers for breakfast and soon the music started again. We spent the rest of the afternoon listening to music. Mom danced from time to time and I smoked what neighbors offered me.

Santana played a smoke set in the afternoon, mom was really enjoying it. She spent most of the afternoon bare-breasted, either dancing or sitting between my legs, her back leaning against my chest. I took every opportunity to massage and fondle her round boobs, and she seemed to love every minute.

After sunset, we huddled in the sleeping bag, warming each other’s naked bodies. Mom even crawled in the bag and sucked me. I loved the sensation of her hot and sweet lips on my cock and she swallowed every drop. We had sex again that night while CCR was on stage.

Fucking My Mom In The Crowd

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During Janice Joplin’s set, mom surprised me by pulling a Southern Comfort from her purse and offering me a swig. I could not believe she had brought alcohol and she shared it with me. The groups continued to come all night and until morning. Sly and the Family Stone, The Who, and before Jefferson Airplane finished playing. It was almost 10 am Sunday morning and I was exhausted from sex and everything.

We slept for a few hours, then on Sunday afternoon, Joe Cocker woke us up. He played for more than an hour, and once out of the scene. The was rain and the music was delayed for several hours.

Mom and I spent the rain delay to fuck in the shelter of the tent that I had installed. I could not get enough of her breasts. I pinched them, kissed them, sucked them and usually loved them. Soon, the groups started again, Country Joe and The Fish, Ten Years After, Johnny Winter, and so on. Late in the evening of Sunday, the crowd began to thin. People were leaving and most of them missed the best part of the show.

It was around 9 am Monday morning when Jimi Hendrix came on the scene. He played for over two hours, including the famous rendition of “Star Spangled Banner” which led to “Purple Haze”.

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At the end of the festival, we walked for several kilometers. Until we hitchhiking tour that brought us back to town.

When we finally arrived home late Monday night, we were both filthy and exhausted. Even though we shared a long hot shower, nothing happened between us. When I woke up the next morning, I started kissing her neck and rubbing my cock against her ass. She woke up suddenly and jumped out of bed, taking the sheet with her to cover her naked body.

“Jim, what are you doing?” she asked.

“Same thing we’ve been doing all weekend mom, I thought you liked it.”

“I don’t know what got into me at that festival, but we can’t do this. I’m your mother, it’s not right.”

“Come on, mom.” I stroked my cock, hoping to tempt her back to bed.

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“Stop that, young man. Go to your room and put some clothes on.” she ordered, her outstretched finger pointing at door.

I could tell she was mean it, so I left her room. I was a little depressed, but I knew she was right to do it. I mean, incest is far enough, man.

They say that if you remember Woodstock, you were not there. And I do not remember everything, but I will always have good memories of the three days together. Just me and my old lady and a half million hippies.

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