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Dad Force Fuck Girly Son – I sat in my son’s bed, my cock hardened. As I listened to my son making love to my wife in the main bedroom. Do you think I am a kind of little-dicked cuckold. Who goes down listening to his wife being screwed by his son? Do you think the embodiment of the virility of my pretty good son stole his beautiful mother from his father? Masterkiu You are wrong. If you like such Oedipal fantasies, you should look elsewhere.

First of all, my dick is bigger than my son’s. I know from experience. Second, my son’s height is only on my chin. He is slim, pale, and has almost no body hair. He was mistaken for a girl several times.

Thirdly, he absolutely does not “steal” his mother from me. In fact, he came to me, begging to fuck her because he could not get a girl herself. At first I refused, but his mother, always felt sorry for him, begged me to allow her. So I agree, with one condition. Whenever my son rides his mother, I will fuck him.

He must do whatever I want, use whatever I want, and act whatever I want. I will make the best of it. He now has a full girl’s wardrobe and wig.


Incest Porn Site – “Mommy! Oh Mommy…IM COMINGGG!” I heard my son climax in another room, releasing a seed into his mother’s cunt. Always trying to protect the pride of the boy, my wife shouted with an obviously fake orgasm. The boy never lasted more than a minute.

My own cock twitched in excitement when I heard the two of them finish fucking. I know now that my wife dressed our son in one of the sexy girl clothes we bought for him. Put it in a long blonde wig, and put on makeup. My son who is already girly is in the process of becoming more girlier.

When I waited for him to get ready, I wondered what Link Login 188 I would do to him tonight. Maybe I’ll cum on his face, mess up the perfect makeup. Or maybe I will make him blow me and shoot my cum into his throat.

No, I decided. Tonight will be a fuck-ass night. My ball twitched when I think of the pale round ass that bounces in front of me. My testis are overdrive, producing as many sperm as possible.

My heart pounded when I heard the main room door open. And my son walked down the hall to his own room, where I waited. He opened the door to find me waiting for him on his bed, my erection straight in the air.

He entered the room, his eyes bowed shyly. He wore a transparent, thin nightgown that was only slightly too short. Allowing the pink lacy panties he wore to peek out from under the hem. I could barely see the bulge of the small package in my pants.


Incest Porn Site – As he approached the bed, he said in a soft, nervous voice, “Daddy, can you close the curtain? Someone might see.”
“No way,” I answered. “I love the way your ass looks in the moonlight.”

Realizing that tonight I was wanting to anal, he began to turn around, still not meeting my gaze. I grabbed his chin and pulled his face towards me. Forcing him to look at the Masterkiu face of the man who was going to fuck him. I planted a long and passionate kiss in his lipstick-covered mouth. I felt tears running down his cheeks. I broke the kiss.

“Go to bed, motherfucker,” I growled. My child climbed into bed with his hands and knees, his butt in the air. His short nightgown floated, showing pink panties underneath. I knelt behind him and reached between his thighs. Cupping the small bumps in his underwear and feeling it harden under my touch.

I pulled his underwear. The moonlight that shone on the window turned his beautiful, round white, clean ass. I spread the boy’s asshole knowing that a well-used ass would be able to take my dick without lubrication. Even if it wasn’t without pain. I lead the head of my cock to the sphincter. The boy’s sobs grew louder and faster as he prepared for what would happen next. I Pushed.

My child screamed in pain and humiliation when my cock Link Login 188 began its slow journey to his anus. The pleasure pulsed in my shaft. And ball as I looked down and watched my thick cock stretch his little ass. I groaned in excitement, feeling victorious. When my full shaft managed to pierce my son’s anus, my head was right in his anus. I was tempted to cum right then!

Fuck My Gay Son's Ass


Dad Force Fuck Girly Son – Not. I will not be like my son, losing control after only one minute of fun. I will prove to him that I am superior. I will extend his suffering and humiliation as long as I can. I want him to feel the big difference between him and the real man.

My precum and his anal secretions made a natural lubricant that made me start pushing in and out. I pushed faster and harder, crying in pain triggered my passions. I made an animal sound as I hit my son’s ass. Trapped at that moment, drunk by my cruelty Link Login 188 and my domination. I raised my right hand and slap my son’s cheek hard, causing him the hardest cry of the night.

His right ass cheek shook beautifully and the pink mark tarnished his white purity. Losing control, I raised my hand and hit it five more times. My child is crying openly. Even I can’t resist my climax after seeing all this. I made one final push deep into my child’s stomach and released the flood of cum.

“I’m cumming, you bitch! I’m CUMMING !!!” My cum flooded my son’s rectum, attacking his body. His crying grew louder during this last humiliation. He sucks. He has been penetrated and filled with male seed, something that will never happen to a real man.


Finally, my cum pressure became too big for me and I pulled my cock out of his anus. A white cum flood dripped from the ass hole into his bed. He fell to the bed Masterkiu and continued to cry.

Without a word, I got out of bed and headed for the door. Just before I left, I saw his hand curled around his small but hard cock. I returned to the main bedroom and climbed into bed with my wife.

“Do you have to be rough to him?” she asked.
“He will learn to like it,” I replied. “After all you do it.”
“Right.” My wife looked at me with a smile.
“So, did our son really succeed in making you cum? Or did he just leave you unsatisfied again?”
“He really made me cum.”

My wife laughed. “With that little penis? Of course not.” She grabbed my wet shaft. “Do you think you can handle one more thing for your dear wife?”

“Fuck yeah”

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