Breastfeeding My Father

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Breastfeeding My Father – My mother always sucks, and now after the little James is born, everything gets worse. No wonder dad left him. Hindsight is always 20/20, and now I see that I have to believe it. It is true that I have made a number of choices that I regret. But certainly not to be done for me to try to have a little fun in life.

Father left her few years ago, after he found out about other men. And the money she stole for drugs. I did not believe at that time, that my mother could do those things. It’s been six months since my baby boy came to this world. The assholes that knocked me up, left.

Three days ago, it was my 18th birthday. Certainly not the type I dreamed of. I just came home from the gym. And to be honest it looked pretty good considering I had just given birth six months ago. When I came through the front door I found the mother rummaging in my wallet for money. Peter is still in his cradle crying, and here, my own mother robbed me of the little money I had. To support his habits. I have, enough is enough! She and I had a knock down drag out. And after bleeding my lips, she threw my belongings out the door, and told me never to return.

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So, now, here I am, with a few bags in my hands and a baby on my hip. In the rain, standing on my father’s porch. I was still wearing the things I got from the gym, black leggings and a small white shirt. I have a Peter wrapped tightly with a blanket so he doesn’t get wet. I stood there crying, when I banged on the door hopefully. And why does he have to take me back, I thought to myself. I have become a little brat, and now I have a baby. Peter are hungry at that time. He hasn’t had a chance to eat.

My breasts hurt, full of milk. I am always very thin and tall. About 5 feet nine, with wavy brown long hair. I always have a decent body and pretty good small breasts, but no longer small. I lifted them a little with my arm to reduce tension. If dad don’t want me to come back, I don’t know what I’m going to do!

At that moment the door opened, daddy was in his comfies. And when he looked through the door, he breathed a surprised breath. “Amy!” He shouted. “God, what are you doing here! You are soaking wet! Quickly let you and the baby inside.”

I was still crying and raving about how sorry I was and about how mother kick me away. I told him about drugs, and how I should believe him. He quickly took a towel, took my belongings, and began to dry me. All the time entertaining me, and assured me that everything would be fine.

“Forgive me!” I cried, “Don’t think any less of me, but I have to feed the baby. He hasn’t eaten for a while.”

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“Oh, of course,” said father, “Poor little one. Well,” he said I would leave you for that. My God, Amy is good to see you. I really miss you.”

“Oh, daddy!” I cried, grabbed and hold him and pressed it tightly. “Nice to see you too! Oh dear!” I said, “I’m all wet. Sorry, but I really have to feed Peter.”

I sat on the couch, with the baby and then started crying again. Pump! I thought, I forgot the fucking pump! It was a very difficult pregnancy. And I, had a harder time looking for lactation. After Peter is born, he is not at all interested in breastfeeding. Formula option, too expensive. A family friend has introduced me to an unorthodox way, but it is very effective at getting things done. He called it the “priming pump”, and had given me an old breast pump to start something. This allows the flow of milk to start, and the baby becomes a little more interested in breastfeeding. It works like a charm!.

Unfortunately I left the damn breast pump at my mother. There is no turning back to get it now! In vein I tried to get Peter to latch on, but it was of no use. So, I sobbed even more hysterically. My dad, by this time I peeled off his wet shirt, heard me cry, came to help me. “Amy, baby, Amy,” he said, “What’s wrong, what makes you upset?”

Looking up, I noticed that his muscles were very strong. With his current shirt as a 36-year-old man. He can easily decorate the cover of GQ magazine. He was a very handsome man, who stood about 6 feet two. And brown-brown skin because he worked outside most of his life. I stared, with my mouth open slightly, and my eyes opened wide. It’s been a long time since I saw a sexy man. Of course it’s not like that skinny little pencil dick, which has left me and my child.

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“Oh dad,” I exclaimed, “It’s just…” And then I began to explain to him between the sobs and tears of dilemma I found. “And now,” I continued, “I have these big breasts! I feel they will explode if I don’t feel relieved. And I oh, I’m sorry…I don’t mean to be rude, but honestly if I can’t get Peter to eat. The pain will be very unbearable!” And then I kept crying and threw my head between my hands.

“Well,” he said, “it sounds like we have to give you a new pump. Too bad the nearest store is 40 miles away, and I’m pretty sure the shop is closed. Because this is a weekend, we won’t be able to give you anything until at least Monday. Small town life, doesn’t always have all the perks,” he added.

“Meanwhile,” said the father, “let’s see if we can think of something to do. I’m sure you don’t need to blow up all my leather couches,” he laughed. Hearing him, being so accommodating with the situation made me smile.

“I honestly don’t know what to do,” I said “I’ve tried everything before. It was mom‘s friend Jennie Watson who help me out”. Then I told him about “priming the pump”, and how that seem to works.

His eyebrows rose, when he said, “Jennie Watson yes…I haven’t heard that name for a long time. She and your mother got pregnant at the same time she had you. Come to think of it,” he said, “this all sounds rather familiar…”And then he laughed nervously.

“What is so funny dad!” I ask. “Oh no..” he replied, “that’s not the conversation I’ve had with you!”

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Now my curiosity is really peaked. “Oh come on dad!” I said. “You can’t walk here, make a comment like that, and then laugh, when my breasts are ready to erupt!” I say laughing. “Now, tell me” I demand. “OK, fine, still,” he said. “I don’t know if that would be a proper conversation for me with my little girl,” he said.

“Oh, dad,” I replied, “as you can see, I’m not so small anymore! I’m quite mature now. I have a baby and everything you know. And if that helps me, I really want to know.”

“Well,” he continued, fidgeting and looking down. “I’ve heard those words before you know. “Feature the pump.” In the same context as you mean,” he continued. “You know,” he said. “You and Peter are not much different. We have the same problem with you when you were a new baby girl. You won’t be latched on without anything. And, as you know, your mother and Jennie, they are good friends. Jennie told your mother the exact same thing you just told me now. The only problem is that at that time we didn’t have money for one of the pumps. So,” he added, with a little laugh again, “we sort of improvised.”

“What do you mean, you improvised,” I asked, then I realized what he was talking about. I was sure my eyes would be big enough. Because as soon as I looked at him, he turned red and quickly looked away. “Oh,…” I said, “I see…”

When I looked at him, I also saw a bulge, now protruding from his denim jeans. Is he really aroused to talk about this? I thought to myself. I smile a little, I haven’t had sex for a long time. And here my father began busy talking with his daughter about breasts, and breastfeeding. If I am honest with myself, I also notice that there is a little moisture between my legs.

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Looking down, I realized that Peter was sleeping. Suddenly he twisted a little when he slept, he kicked me very well in the chest. Wincing in pain, I hugged my right breast, tucking it slightly under my arm. “Damn it hurts!” I shouted.

“I’m so sorry baby.”  my dad said, “I sure wish there was something I could do.”

“Don’t you see!” I shouted back at him now forgetting myself. “There is something you can do!” I cry. “God, dad!” I exclaimed, “I know this will be very strange, and I can’t believe I even asked you this. But if I don’t get help now,” I shouted, “You have to take me to the hospital. And it’s more than 300 miles away. And I probably die in the car!

I mean, I know you are my father at all!” I exclaimed,”but that’s the only thing I can think of! What you really need to do, is “prime the pump!”

“Jesus Amy!” dad said, “That’s not true. I mean, I’m not trying to make you feel bad, you’re a beautiful woman and everything. But you are my daughter. Isn’t that some kind of incest?”

“Don’t think of it like that, Daddy.” I reasoned, “Really, this is only a medical thing. You will help your daughter a lot…” He was nervous, for a while longer and finally agreed to help with the situation.

“Let me lay a Peter among these pillows,” I said, “don’t we like it, lie in bed or something?” It looks like it will be more comfortable.” I ask? He grunted softly, then slowly we walked down the hall to the main bedroom. There are not many things in terms of feminine touches. I know that father has lived a relatively comfortable single life. I threw a pillow on my head and made myself comfortable when my father nervously placed himself next to me.

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“Not really sure, how you want me,” he said “so I’ll just let you tell me what to do”. He laughed again. “Yes,” I said, “that’s probably the best. Just do it gently, “I said,” but really, I will need you to get a lot of milk out.”

“Wow Amy! That is the most beautiful breast I have ever seen. Oh, sorry”

“It’s okay, Daddy,” I said, “I understand, they’re so beautiful!” And with that he bowed his head carefully and gently wrapped his lips around nipples of my right breast. Then I felt his mouth suck and I took a deep breath.

“My God dad! You don’t know how relieving it is!” I sighed. I relaxed a little, lay on a cushion, and let him go to work. Instinctively he moved his hand, and wrapped it around her chest above and below my breasts. H began to suckle more aggressively. He clumsily tried to put himself in a comfortable position. I could feel the flow of milk as it left my breasts and entered his mouth. This is a sensation that is completely different from that little Peter. It feels good! Very good!

“Oh my God, dad! Yes!” I hissed. “It feels amazing!” I whispered, I pulled his head closer, closing his mouth to the breast I wanted. Where there used to be a little moisture, I could feel my young pussy was soaking wet with juice. I knew he was really involved now, and shifted to become more comfortable. He managed to find himself lying between my legs that were now open. I could feel the violence from his manhood, the manhood that created me. Because he sucked nonstop now turned to the left side, I groaned deeply.

“Oh fuck!  Yes!”  I wailed, now losing virtually any sensibility. “Suck your beautiful daughters tits!”

I can feel his penis throb between under the thin material of his jeans. Knocking lightly but continuously on my now sensitive clit. He began to lightly shake in his daughter covered pussy.

Father Sucking Tits Of His Daughter

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“Oh yes, oh god, yes daddy! I want this now more than ever before!” I hissed

With one smooth motion, I tore the leggings I wore to expose my teenage pussy. Which was now dripping with water. I am ready for his dick. I scavenged hastily, and awkwardly let go of his tight jeans. His erection shot out. That’s a good size, about 6 to 7 inches.

“If you don’t get that in me now,” I cried, “I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

“Amy!” Dad was amazed, “you are really beautiful, amazing!”

And with that my father plunged his thick and fat cock deep in the folds of my young cunt. And arched my back I shouted with pleasure.

“Oh my God, daddy! Oh my God! God, daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” I continued.

With every penetration, milk comes out of my full breasts. As we continue to make love. Like young lovers, we continue at an mad pace, exploring each other eagerly.

“Get down on your knees,” Dad said, “you little delicious bitch!. I will give it to you like you have never felt before!”

Riding on my knees, on all floors. I beckoned his gorgeous cock and with one thrust he came out deep into my cunt. The big ballsack, slaps my clit. Arching my back and bending my knees, I fucked back urgently, commanding him to take me for all that I was worth.

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“Jesus! Amy!” he moaned frantically, “I’m going to cum!”

“Oh, dad!” I groaned, “Give it to me! Make me another baby! I need it! Fuck your little girl! “I managed between panting and moaning. I could feel the pressure increasing as I also began to approach my climax. Suddenly, he tuft my hair, and pulled my head back. He wrapped his free arm around my neck like a bad person. Coughing and choking, I could feel my breath leaving me, as I began to groan. In the throes of a very violent orgasm. My body trembled, feeling like electricity had just passed me. And with one push and a snort that sounded like a wild animal, dad sprout the seed. Deep into my willing vagina. Falling into our bed lying panting like a dog locked in a bond of love.

At that time, I heard Peter crying. I brushed my messy hair aside with finger and smiled at my sweet father. He staring at me and just saying, “Welcome home…”

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